back to article San Franciscans prep monument to US prez

Here in the City by the Bay, twelve history-minded souls are working to establish a fitting monument to the presidency of George W. Bush. They call themselves the Presidental Memorial Commission of San Francisco, and they hope to secure Bush's legacy by putting his name on the local sewer plant. If the group has its way, the …


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  1. Phil

    What a great Idea

    There has to be a joke about seppo's here somewhere (or is that just what we Australians call them)

  2. pctechxp

    a fitting tribute

    for a guy that talks crap.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beware of a "synchronized flush"

    The problem with things like this, is they sometimes backfire. It is well known that if you attempt to flush too many toilets at once (they have tanks that store water), you get a MASSIVE increase in effluent flow. Enough of this excessive flow, and you can make sewer systems break.

    When San Francisco floods from this adventure, they will probably call on FEMA to fix the problem of their own making, and we'll all pay for it. (*SIGH*)

  4. Bill OBrien

    It stands to reason...

    I always knew they grew big arseholes in San Francisco (for a variety of reasons...) but this one actually echoes.

  5. Richard Hebert

    A fitting punishment ..

    need i say more ?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Sir's I doff my hat to you

    Now how do we go about getting a VD clinic renamed to "The Tony Blair treatment center"?

  7. Ian McNee
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    E Pluribus Anus

    Excellent! Nice to have our prejudices about yanks not having a decent sense of humour challenged. Then I guess if you have Dubya as your president you seriously need a sense of humour.

    Of course they still can't spell humo(u)r...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Only semi-fitting

    It's the right idea, except that sewer plants treat sewage and ultimately perform a service and eliminate a problem. Perhaps a toxic or nuclear "nuke-u-lar" waste dump would be a more fitting monument, or something else that creates insoluble problems for future generations to deal with.

  9. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    What can we Brits have?

    How about a Tory B Liar soak-away?

  10. Andrew B

    Fitting memorial

    Figures it'd be something that's full of shit.

    Mine's the one with the sniper dots.

  11. Robert Scott

    Give me a break

    Setting aside the specifics, I can tell you that many people felt as happy about Clinton leaving office as a lot of people now feel about GWB leaving office, but you never heard anything like this out of those of us that had a low opinion of President Clinton. No matter what kind of lies and immoral behavior came out of that pile of poop, we still respected the office of the President. You never heard us saying that we hoped for Clinton to die or be arrested or anything like that. Let's try to elevate the debate, not lower it with this sort of thing. I feel that history will look kindly upon GWB in 20-30 years, even if the off-the-deep-end liberals of San Fransisco decide to name a sewage treatment plant after him. Maybe we should start naming aborting clinics after Clinton in honor of all the abortions he personally allowed during his time in office or all the ones that came of his rape of 5 women (that we know of)... is that a good idea? Not really. Of course the loons on the left will get all deranged and say that Clinton's lies never hurt anyone... (except the women he sexually assaulted of course) Well, guess what- Bush did not lie to get us to Iraq. He quoted the opinion of the majority of the worlds intellegence services, many Democratic politicians, and yes even Pres. WJ Clinton said that Iraq had WMDs and was a threat to the world. They all agreed until it became politically expedient to disagree, and then it was "Bush Lied, Kids Died" all over the media. When you quote your advisors, and later find out that they were wrong, that is not a lie!! No more terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11/2001, all thanks to Bush and the people that work for him and the US. If we had been plagued by a John Kerry or Al Gore at the time, we would all be speaking Arabic right now because we would have turned French and said We Surrender"!

  12. Anonymous Coward
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    Show me the dotted line...

    ...and I will put my signature on long as it's anonymous (dons tin foil hat).

  13. Paul Tomblin

    You missed the best part:

    According to


    Officials at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which owns the plant, say they get the humorous intent. But they note that the plant is an award-winning facility that keeps the city's streets and the ocean clean.

    "If you are looking for a place to make a negative statement about the Bush administration's impact on the environment, this would be the last place to do it," agency spokesman Tony Winnicker said.


    As a friend says, that seems like the City is saying that they don't want to rename the sewage treatment plant after Bush on the grounds that it would be an insult to the sewage.

  14. Dave Wallace
    Paris Hilton

    See, I told you that beer

    is inspirational - the foundation of democracy.

    Paris angle? She'd be the first to accept a beer.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is a fitting monument

    You give him a lot of crap and he turns it into a clean, useful product...

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    Not so ...

    At first glance this appears a fitting memorial to the direction Dubya has taken the US, but on reflection it's not so. After all, a sewage plant plays a useful part in society.

  17. Charles Manning
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    Can't flush from here

    But they have a postal address. Maybe they take contributions. Don't know what I'll write on the customs declaration: "Tribute to GWB", maybe!

  18. Steve McPolin
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    three cheers

    It is so appropriate to honour GWBs legacy - ' I made shit smell not too bad '. I wonder if there is something appropriate for Tony Blair? Maybe some Birmingham dogging park?

  19. Dangermouse
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    If that does not go through....

    ...about the "George W. Bush chemical toilet disposal facility"?

  20. Captain DaFt
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    And if they discover a network of fault lines in the area of the sewer plant, name the network "All George Bush's Fault"!

  21. Anonymous Coward
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    Heh Heh

    I cannot possibly comment :)

  22. The Cube

    @Robert Scott

    Ha! Good Republican spoof, very well thought out and covering all the usual ranting topics, I could hear that bible thumping....

  23. Seán

    @Robert Scott

    Bravo, fantastic work. I particularly liked the 5 raped women bit, I hadn't heard that one before. The problem with your post is, well executed as it is, is that certain sections of the septic isles think exactly like that. It's impossible to satirize them they are completely mad. I've read through the comments on Anne Coulter posts and to quote Frank O'Connor "It was like a long slow swim through a sewage bed". A lot of those people would post what you did in complete earnest, the crazy rat bastard idiots.

  24. Mark S Deal

    A fine example

    These "San Franciscans" have truly lost their way if they think such a demeaning mean-spirited act will not have a negative impact on America's already tarnished image to many throughout the world. It's easy to dislike those that don't like themselves. And it's a horrible example of what being compassionate and truly caring about people is all about. They remind me of adolescent bullies in school, who demean other kids, calling them names or writing ugly things about them on bathrooms walls etc. And they encourage the easily influenced kids, blindly following them like disciples in a cult, to engage in the same negative destructive behavior. How will San Franciscans justify this to their children, while trying to explain why bullying and demeaning others is wrong? Do as I say, not as I do? It seems this may have been their parents approach to teaching them to be kind and compassionate. And thus, the cycle continues, like child molestation is sometimes past along in families or in this case, being a negative demeaning bully being past along. People like this are part of the problem and should consider becoming part of the solution in order to create real change. And that change begins with each of them by setting the right example for all of our children.


    Fort Worth, Tx. USA

  25. Chris C

    re: Give me a break

    "No more terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11/2001, all thanks to Bush and the people that work for him and the US. If we had been plagued by a John Kerry or Al Gore at the time, we would all be speaking Arabic right now because we would have turned French and said We Surrender!"

    Spoken like a true head-up-my-ass out-of-touch-with-reality Republican. Please list the terrorist attacks on US soil attributed to Middle Easterners in the 100 years preceding September 11, 2001. There was what, ONE? And yet you go on to pretend that Bush and his administration are the reason for no attacks since 9/11. Given the history of attacks before 9/11, do you actually think it reasonable to assume there would be non-stop attacks after 9/11?

    Now for the on-topic thought -- this is a stupid idea. Like many US citizens, I think George W. Bush has done a pathetic job (I'd say he's the worst president in our history, but I can't honestly say that since I don't know the history of the previous presidents). I can honestly say he has made me embarrassed and ashamed to be a US citizen. I also think he should have been impeached years ago and brought up on charges of treason when he publicly said in a speech, directed to those in Iraq attacking the US soldiers, "My answer is bring them on. We got the force necessary to deal with the security situation.". Ignoring the fact that that was a lie, he actually invited and encouraged the insurgents to attack US soldiers (the soldiers he sent there in the first place). If that's not treason, what is?

    However, as stupid as this idiot is, does San Francisco really think wasting taxpayer's money to rename the sewer station is a good (or even justifiable) use of public resources? Even putting it on a ballot is a waste of municipal resources. Hasn't Bush stolen and wasted enough of our money? Besides, the intention could be misconstrued in the future. Someone seeing the name alone -- George W. Bush Sewer Plant -- could think it's a tribute that means Bush can take a shitty situation and clean it up.

  26. This post has been deleted by its author

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Brilliant !

    Robert Scott's a typical redneck a**hole. Just like the Mail readers here. He would believe everything the American Media (propoganda) throws at him!

    Now for the serious stuff. Its a briliant idea but better would be for this to be franchised where every local loo /public toilets would be renamed as such so that people using it (peeing and shitting) would get a genuine vicarious pleasure in symbolically "giving it back" appropriately.

    Hey, being America, this could even become a money spinner idea !


    Suegstions for UK (eg Going for a Browny/ish) name for franchise welcome.

    Mines the Bulletproof one.

  28. Secretgeek
    Paris Hilton

    @Robert Scott

    ha haha ha hahaa...

    ...quality thank you.

    '...we would all be speaking Arabic right now because we would have turned French and said We Surrender!'

    Sooo....the French speak Arabic and 'We surrender' is French is it?


    Even Paris knows your arguments are flawed, and she knows some french too.

  29. Tony

    @Robert Scott


    Nice attempt mate, but you have to be a little more subtle to sucessfully troll on the reg.

    The average reg reader spends an unhealthy amount of time online and so has developed a far stronger sense of cynicism than your average message board poster.

    Of course if you had said that your X-Box was better than my PS3 I would be screaming obscenities about your mother by now, but that would be totally justified. After all, X-Box sucks!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Robert Scott

    Sorry, I fell asleep halfway through your rantings.

    What I did understand before napping off was that you equal warmongering and receiving oral?

    Paris - obviously.

  31. Joe

    Typical ..

    ..of the sophomoric mentality of San Franciscans as a whole. Having grown up in the area I know all too well the mentality of the people in the area. These are people who really are more concerned with Paris Hilton's latest boyfriend than the state of the public school system. They'd rather build tens of thousands of windmills than a single nuclear reactor (but Not In My Back Yard please). Yep, they bitch and moan about the Republican party until they screw up their own states finances so that only a Republican can clean up the mess ! Then they'll claim it was actually someone else who did it. You'll see.

  32. Adrian Esdaile

    @ "Give me a break"

    QUOTE: If we had been plagued by a John Kerry or Al Gore at the time, we would all be speaking Arabic right now because we would have turned French and said We Surrender"! UNQUOTE.

    Priceless. If you had turned French, wouldn't you be speaking.... FRENCH?

    What a clown...

    Actually it reads a bit like the Twat-O-Tron with a polite filter on.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not enough coverage with this...

    Should be called the "Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Iraq, Gitmo, Abu Graib, Rendition, Haliburton, Black Water, Tony, Gordon Sanitation Plant".

    I think most people would agree that Bush wasn't acting alone.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    @Robert Scott

    Oh, just go and top yourself now and get it over with, you pathetic individual.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What a Spectacular Idea, but may I Suggest....

    The George W Bush raw sewerage outlet? Cus he spews nothing but sh*t? Because as so many people here have pointed out, at least a sewage plant cleans things up! It would be a fitting memorial for all those brits such as myself who are embarrassed to be in a "special relationship" with such a country. If the UK could wear a top, it would say "I'm with stupid" and point across the atlantic.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Robert Scott = amateur

    The real genius here is Mark S Deal

    "And that change begins with each of them by setting the right example for all of our children."

    From naming a sewer after a president, through child abuse, to "won't somebody think of the children", without even stopping for breath.

    Comedy gold.

  37. Ferry Boat

    There is form

    There is form for this sort of thing. When Bangladesh separated from Pakistan a number of Bangladeshi generals fought on the Pakistani side. You can find public conveniences in Dhaka named after them.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Blair establishment...

    ... should be a grooming parlour specialising in poodles.

  39. Edward Rose

    Mark S Deal

    He actually had a point, naming the plant after Bush to demean him is just bullying (although, to me, he deserves it, it is bullying). And, how do you explain to a kid - you can bully him, but not others. Okay, it's possible but not easy.

    Mind you, it could also be taken as the lesson, you shit on your people, expect retalliation (or a mass shortage of loo roll).

    Be the change you want to see in the world (roughly quoted from M.G.)

    As for the rest, I considered the concept of renaming it as 'Going for a Bush'. Don't think it works though.

  40. jon
    Thumb Up

    Finally! a citizen-initiated proposition worth voting for...

    and it will be such a fitting counter point to that other sewage treatment facility that they named after his dad:

  41. Justin White

    Did everyone forget

    that Bush is, first and foremost, a policitian? It's not like he's Mother Teresa here, and neither are any of the other ridiculous individuals that make up the other branches of gov't. I don't really care what people want to say about Bush personally (which seems silly, since he's not going to read these comments), but precisely what would be different if some other PEZ dispenser had been elected? Not one damn thing, including Iraq.

    Nothing gives me tired-head faster than political bickering over who would have done what. There's a reason no one trusts politicians and the rhetoric will only get worse since this is an election year.

    Mine's the one with the bullshit filters in the hood.

  42. Steve


    > and 'We surrender' is French is it?

    Well, technically yes.

    surrender comes from the French "se rendre", meaning "to give oneself up"

    I know, I know, but it's too hot for a coat today...

  43. pctechxp

    @Robert Scott

    At least Clinton was intelligent.

  44. Simon Painter

    @Robert Scott

    Sorry, is this satire or are you really a bit thick?

    We have not had terrorist attacks in the US since 2001, that's correct, but the rest of the world is suffering far more from attacks brought on by the almost universal hatred of the US and their abusive foreign policy.

    In the UK they have had terrorist attacks since 11/9 for supporting the US which makes a change from having terrorist attacks funded by the US.

    Before 11/9 the US was a little quieter about condemning terror due to the fact that the IRA was primarily funded by NORAID, a US organisation.

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    For once, I agree with something pctechxp has written. But more than intelligent, he was approachable. And had a somewhat more sophisticated outlook than thinking that all of the world's problems can be solved by force. He was a more mature human being, in short. Sure, he had trouble keeping it in his pants, and lied about a few things. That said, I'd still rather have him in office than Bush any day of the week. While Clinton screwed around, it can't honestly be compared to someone who's done more to destabilize the world than anyone in recent history, started a pointless war, and as an extension, put the US economy in the toilet. And even Clinton's lies are a few orders of magnitude less than the Bush administration's.

  46. james


    i think you mean "sur rendre"

    which is 'report on' or 'to report on'

    no "se" in french btw (oh noes attack of the mexican french peoples) - your last name bush at all? just curious as your either lying through your teeth thinking your actually telling the truth or just dumb as a rock, either would suggest a relation as each duirectly corrolates with the other ;-)

  47. Ian McNee


    Robert Scott wrote:

    "Blah-blah <insert conservative myth> blah-bollox <insert blinkered patriotic baloney> bullshit-blah"


    Mark S Deal wrote:

    "Whine-whine <insert bizarre hyberbole> whinge-whine <insert ridiculous juxtaposition> moan-whinge"

    So a little bit of satire at Bush's expense is comparable with Bush's crimes against humanity? Ask the relatives of those who have died in Abu Ghraib or those 'extraordinarily rendered' to be tortured in third countries or the parents of sick and dying Iraqi children living in streets running with raw sewage and no access to medical services. Personally I think Dubya (and Blair, Rumsfeld, etc.) should be locked up - but only after due process and a fair trial, a right that they have taken away from so many others.

  48. Anonymous Coward

    Aussie PM drowned so they named a swimming pool after him

    Harold Holt was PM of Australia briefly in the mid-1960s. He didn't achieve much of note other than to drown while out swimming on his own on a secluded beach. Despite the lack of a body and some excellent conspiracy theories about him defecting to the Chinese and being picked up by one of their submarines, it was generally accepted that the guy had simply drowned.

    The local swimming pool in his electorate, the Malvern Baths, was in the process of being redeveloped at the time. Naturally, the good burghers of Malvern decided the best way to commemorate the aquatic deficiencies of their erstwhile local member was to name the new pool after him, and in 1969, the Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Pool came into being.

  49. Terrance Brennan

    Bush v Clinton

    Screwing the pooch in Afghanistan, Iraq in general, New Orleans, Torture, Warrentless wiretapping, destruction of documents, refusing to cooperate with congress, the latest Justice Department investigation showing illegal political interference with the civil service, bullying and ignoring our allies, and a general tendency to ignore the constitution, in addition to being an arrogant, ignorant, greedy little sucker versus engaging in legal, if somewhat questionable, sexual activity. Hmmmm, yeah, I guess they are equal. Morons; people like Robert Scott and Mark Deal give all Americans a bad name and make me fear for the November elections. Does anyone need a systems/exchange admin anywhere outside of this country if another Republicanazi wins?

  50. Anonymous Coward

    Been done

    the Gov'ner.. chris patten

    actually had the style to suggest that he would like a sewage treatment plant be named after him because of all the sh*t he had to deal with while in office.

    sadly few politicians these days have such a sense of humour

    mines the one with the Kong Hong street map and a copy of "quotations from chris patten" in the pocket

  51. Steve


    No, I mean "se rendre". "rendre", the infinitive of the verb to give something up (i.e. 'render') and "se", the standard prefix to make a verb reflexive.

    Check it in a dictionary if you like, my Robert (French) and my CollinsRobert (French/English) both agree with me :)

  52. Doug Lynn

    Hi, beware, President Bush could sue(r) you!

    And you would be the one flushed down the sewer! I think he would have to give you permission to use his name, not sure of the law on this. He could definitely sue for defamation of character and oder...

  53. Steen Hive

    @Bobby-Joe Scott

    Wars of aggression are noble and fellatio is a horseman of the apocalypse? Don't forget people - fuckwits like this are running the World's only remaining superpower. If I were you I'd get your coat.

  54. David Kesterson
    Thumb Down

    Praise yet to come

    Two or three generations hence, when the accounts of terror events interrupted are known and the sturdy courage he displayed in the process is remembered, even against the vicious attacks from the leftists in his own land, Bush's name will praised because he acted as an adult and preserved the nation so long as that was his job.

    People in Iraq will remember the stories that their grandparents told them about inky first vote fingers. We in America will wish we had had others like Bush in the White House when the attacks came in later years.

    And then someone will say, "Well, we deserved what we got. We voted for them."

  55. Dave Turner
    Thumb Down

    There they go again...

    While it might be funny to do so, it's going to open a whole can of worms that I don't think they want to open.

    Should McCain win in November and be a disaster are we then going to name a failed home for the aged after him? And should Obama win and be a disaster do we name an urban blighted slum after him?

    Funny joke over a few beers, but don't let it go further for the sake of future presidents.

  56. Ign R. Amis
    Paris Hilton

    @Robert Scott

    "No matter what kind of lies and immoral behavior came out of that pile of poop, we still respected the office of the President."

    If Bush respected the office of the President, this wouldn't be happening. His administration's thuggish approach and naked abuse of power are a far cry from Clinton getting his knob sucked. This is a fitting tribute to our nation's worst president.

    Even Paris knows how useless Bush is.

  57. Nev

    @Robert Scott

    "If we had been plagued by a John Kerry or Al Gore at the time, we would all be speaking Arabic right now because we would have turned French and said We"

    Va te faire foutre!

  58. Anonymous Coward

    "And when tried to come up with a fitting tribute, this idea popped out."

    that sounds messy


  59. Anonymous Coward

    @David Kesterson

    Duhbya, is that you creeping around again? If not, then tell us David- what flavor was the Kool-aid?

    A bit of free advice to all of the Bushtards: if your pastor offers you some Kool-aid, drink it!

  60. Paul Tomblin
    Thumb Down

    Robert Scott, hypocrite

    First you say that "Let's try to elevate the debate", and then you accuse Clinton of rapes. Show me the court dockets where Clinton was tried and convicted of rape, because in this country you're innocent until found guilty. Then you say "You never heard us saying that we hoped for Clinton to die or be arrested or anything like that", and yet Jesse Helms once said that if Clinton visited an army base in South Carolina, he'd better bring extra security because the soldiers there would kill him. In my book, that's disrepectful of the office of Commander in Chief, as well as being disrepectful of ordinary soliders who (unlike Jesse Helms) are not an undisciplined rabble who think that killing somebody they disagree with is a normal thing.

    Speaking of "elevate the debate", your good buddy Rush Limbaugh once referred to Chelsea Clinton as "the White House dog" and chortled to himself at his great wit. If he'd said that about my daughter, I would have dragged him from his studio and horsewhipped him in the street. I think Clinton showed great restraint.

  61. Jos

    nobody mentions Mel Brooks?

    I immediately thought back to "men in tights"

    King Richard: [taking Prince John's crown] You are no longer worthy to wear this sacred symbol of authority.

    Prince John: Oh please have mercy on me, brother. It wasn't my fault. I got some really bad advice from Rottingham.

    Crowd: [coughs] Bullshit! Bullshit!

    King Richard: Brother, you have surrounded your given name with a foul stench!

    [to the crowd]

    King Richard: From this day forth, all the toilets in the kingdom shall be known as... johns!

    Crowd: [cheers]

    Prince John: NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    King Richard: Take him away! Put him in the Tower of London! Make him part of the tour.

  62. Naiirita
    Dead Vulture

    point of clarification

    not getting involved in the name calling just wish to point out that while you are deciding who is more evil, Bush has yet to be charged with anything, and has....plausable deniablity for a lot of things he is accused of. it also should be pointed out that clinton wasnt on trial for having sex. he was on trial because a fired whitehouse intern said she was fired for REFUSING to have sex with clinton, in his defense clinton stated under oath he did not have sex with her or ANY other intern, and everyone though bitter employee trying to make a quick buck. then said intern recorded a phone call with monica lowenski talking about her sexcapades with clinton...and the legal frenzy ensued. so at this point in time, all we know is bush is play fast and loose with the law, but has yet to be confirmed he himself has broken any, as opposed to clinton who fired an intern for not sleeping with him then lied about it under oath. in all fairness i think he was aquitted of the sex discrimination charge for firing the intern.

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