back to article Wi-LAN expands Wi-Fi litigation net

Serial litigant Wi-LAN is suing RIM, Motorola and UTStarCom for breaches of the company's various wireless networking patents, and is asking for triple damages for wilful infringement. Wi-LAN doesn't spend all its time suing companies for making Wi-Fi kit, even if it sometimes appears that way. The company also researches and …


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  1. bigolslabomeat
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    Do they actually invent anything?

    Or just buy patents then sue people?

    Considering the two headline categories on their home page are "Litigation Update" and "Technology Aquicistion Program", I'd go with the latter.

  2. Kwac
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    patents only

    Not any more, apparently:

    "In 2006, Wi-LAN transitioned its business to focus solely on its greatest asset, the patent portfolio. The key technologies found in the patent portfolio apply to diverse areas of wireless and wireline communications, and have been incorporated into standards by many telecommunications organizations."

  3. NB

    more evidence..

    of a serious need for the US to totally overhaul its patent system and make software patents invalid.

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