back to article Nokia looking for love in all the wrong Plazes

Moody Finnish mobe giant Nokia has acquired Plazes, a location-based social networking service, as part of its continuing effort to work out what kind of business it wants to be in. Plazes is a social-networking-for-the-terminally-lazy service for anyone who wants to share where they are as well as what they're doing. We …


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  1. Jason Togneri



    I thought that had been outlawed by popular vote.

  2. Mike
    Thumb Up

    I think the LBS Market is just coming into it's own

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this I think the LBS Market is just coming into it's own with upcoming release of the Iphone 3g AKA its got gps ! I think your going to see more sites LBS based such as this one they seem to be on the break out poised to launch on the Iphone

  3. Tony Hoyle

    I'll wait and see

    This kind of stuff existed on the N95 years ago, but never made much traction due to the lack of mobile devices that actually have GPS on them... if there's only a couple of hundred users in the UK it's not a lot of use.

    I wait to see if it works this time. There's still the lack of hardware... cell tower triangulation is fairly useless as (at least in the UK) it only tells you what city you're in - and doesn't even get that right (Google maps thinks I live in the north sea).

    Maybe with the iphone it'll hit critical mass and become useful. Worth keeping an eye on.

  4. Joshua Murray
    Paris Hilton

    Looking for love in all the wrong Plazes...

    ... No fly girls, just ugly faces!


  5. Andus McCoatover


    Yea, triangulation (or more - quadulation??) using the timing delay on 'old-fashioned' GSM aint a lot of use, but if there's a SMLC (Serving Mobile Location Server) stuck there someplace, it'll get you about 200 metres. Sad, I know if you happen to be in Bradford looking for a curry-house, but a bit better than being declared to be on Sealand...

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