back to article Daewoo's laptop is child's play – literally

Further details have emerged online of Intel's second-generation Classmate PC sub-laptop, but this time the education-oriented unit's been branded by Daewoo. Daewoo_lukid_01 Daewoo's Lukid is aimed at children. Images courtesy of Aving The chip manufacturer unveiled the second-generation CPC at IDF in Shanghi back in April …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Looks very stripped down...

    Ooh, ONE USB port! And stunning resolution! Doesn't look very light either. I hope it's at least durable. And don't get me started on ECS' (severe lack of) quality. Might be fun to tinker with if it's rugged and the price is right.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Only from Tomy

    In the first shot, it resembles one of those old Grandstand electronic games - like Scramble. Remember them? With the light-up screens?

  3. Nigel
    Thumb Down


    Yet another boring cut down laptop. Depressing that Intel is behind it. I would have hoped that Chipzilla would be doing something innovative with solid-state memory and no moving parts. Maybe that's the 3rd generation?

  4. Dave Bell


    With a decent battery life, there is a lot of useful stuff that computer could do. Small screen, yes, but that was what we used to have. Ten years ago this would have been red-hot office hardware.

    How long before a Linux version for such machines?

    Of course, it isn't the least expensive laptop of this performance. I hope some of the money is going on making them harder to break.

  5. Nìall Tracey
    Thumb Down

    "nifty carry handle"?

    Doesn't it ever rain in Korea?!?!

  6. Vendicar Decarian

    Little apes

    Looks like a robust design. Exactly what you want to give the little apes.

    I look forward to 32 gig solid state, higher resolution with an atom.

  7. kain preacher


    lets see I could pay $530 USD for that or $479 USD for this

  8. Pyros


    But, is it ToughBook quality?

    Remember, the trogs may attempt to hit each other with them. Wouldn't want to damage the sensitives inside, forcing the parents to buy a new one in expaseration every week! (Or every day, if some tales of certain schools are anything to go by.)

  9. Charles Manning

    Tykes and computers


    What the hell do kids really need computers for? Certainly not for education.

    In my interactions with school age kids it is getting obvious that research skills are getting worse and kids are falling into the trap of just believing the first Google hit they get, doing a cut and paste and they're done.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: what

    Can we have a rule that anyone obviously not getting the whole laptot thing is moderated out on sight? It's getting bloody tedious.

  11. E

    I keep seeing 'Likud' not 'Lukid'.

    Can't imagine why though.

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