back to article Android delays hurt self-realisation

Phones based on Google's Android platform may not be around this year as promised, according to sources tracked down by the Wall Street Journal, which reports technical delays and industry antipathy surrounding the project. Google predicted that Android-based phones would be around during the second half of 2008, but even the …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Oh there not a Digital Switch? Or is that under AIdDevelopment/Phormation

    "Google isn't a company known for patience, but changing the world just can't be done in a day. "

    Says Whom?

  2. Joe K

    Hand up who still cares?


    With the *thriving* homebrew community around the Iphone/iTouch, and business/games use about to explode with the launch of the appStore, who here has the time to bone up on a new OS when you could be getting started in the lucrative iphone game.

  3. KenBW2
    Jobs Horns

    "if one is not Steve Jobs"

    "Creating a new mobile platform takes many iterations (if one is not Steve Jobs)"

    That'll be why it's missing such basic features as MMS, video recording et al will it?

  4. Anonymous John

    Where are

    the droids we're wating for?

  5. Perpetual Cyclist

    Where's the blade runner reference?

    Mine's the one folded into the shape of a unicorn.

  6. Andy Stannard

    What ever happen to Java Mobile FX?

    Another mobile platform anounced in 2007 was Suns Java Mobile FX. Whatever happened to that? Also will the OpenMoko project ever go from a niche geek market into a consumer product or will this eventually become redundant when google open sources android?

  7. Law
    Jobs Horns


    "Creating a new mobile platform takes many iterations (if one is not Steve Jobs) as demonstrated by Microsoft, Symbian et al"

    The tons of basic features that the iPhone left out says to me that even the much-hyped Job's needs a few iterations to get it right.

    My guess is, Google will end up devoting alot more resources to the project so they are not shown to be liars or incompetent - either that, or they will just delete all references to android from the inta-web. If Google don't acknowledge your existence, then you may as well be dead.

  8. sleepy


    No, the reason for no iPhone MMS is because it's controlled by the carriers, being a voice service and not an internet service. It's the separate voice network that will die, not the wireless internet. And the reason for no video recording is - wait and see.

    Just accept the fact that the people who run Apple are very good at their job.

  9. Wonderkid

    Android VS iPhone

    iPhone is a 'safe' platform to develop for - similar to Nintendo Wii really, a quality proven product that's easy to use and fun - and most importantly, there is only one device form factor - so your app is going to run just fine as it is. However, that is also a flaw. The iPhone platform for all it's sexiness does not extend across multiple form factors due to Apple's very slow role out of products. On the other hand, with Android, Google have ensured the OS and GUI can adapt to a wide range of form factors - from screenless to touch screen plus slide out keyboard. And that will make it attractive to vertical markets, from the elderly (one button per key relative) to turnkey industrial (slide out keyboard, RFID reader etc etc). Effectively, Android could become the new Windows CE, but with the benefit of an iPhone like slick GUI and enthusiastic developer community.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    blade runner?

    would have been funnier if it was called a replicant..

    'we're not computers...we're physical...'

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sigh - people still thinking about the iPhone in terms of features.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Creepy Sergey

    Has anyone else noticed how creepy Sergey Brin comes across in the Android demo video? "Today I am going to make a video for the web. I think that I will wear the same shirt that I wore yesterday. I do not need to even fix my party-plane-hair. Why can not I remember how to use contractions?"

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Where's the Star Wars reference?

    These aren't the droids you're looking for.

    C3P0:Well,I am fluent in over 6,000,000 languages.


    C3P0: Yes, thanks R2....except Chinese [scalds]

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