back to article Brando attempts to get climbers hooked to storage

Register Hardware never have thought you’d need much storage half-way up a craggy rockface, but quirky online retailer Brando thinks differently. Brando_USB_carabin Brando's USB Carabiner Flash drive The company has launched the USB Carabiner Flash drive, which not only provides a way for mountain rescue teams, hikers and …


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  1. KenBW2

    What's the chances...

    ...of finding some unsecured wifi up there

  2. James Scholes

    Not for climbing

    Just in case it isn't obvious, there's absolutely no way this are load-rated karabiners. Not for climbing. Mmkay?

    Crossbones cos of the chance of _DEATH_

  3. James Bassett
    Dead Vulture


    What do you mean "not for climbing"? You lure me in with promises of climbing related 4GB goodness and then casually cut the rope....

  4. daniel

    I'll pass

    Hmm, I'll stick to my UIAA approved 25KN + 3 Sigma rated biners thanks.

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