back to article NebuAd looks to 'spyware' firm for recruits

In Silicon Valley, the world's tech capital, the job market is tight, with sales people and engineers in short supply. So what's an ambitious startup like NebuAd to do? One option: Recruit some folk from the nearby ad outfit that's fallen on hard times. After all, NebuAd's in the ad business too. Much like Phorm, it uses deep …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Evil Twins

    NebuAd is to Gator as phorm is to 121media. Clearly these are the next steps in adware/spyware. The people haven't changed. Nor have the victims.



    Gator was sued in Virginia on June 25 2002 for copyright infringement.

    Looks like the same business model, different label to me. Why would anyone invest in this cack?

    Steal web pages, sell ads, pay damages, go to jail.

    Jolly Roger because its mass piracy.

  3. Rab S


    nevermind what they claimed, I have never saw a mchine that had that shit removed not get a performace increase.

  4. Wade Burchette

    A leopard cannot change its spots

    And a wolf in sheep clothing is still a wolf. Those cliches are true here. NebuAd won't change its evil ways. It just found a way to lock in a user base, by whoring with ISP's.

    Of course, I wouldn't expect any different from Embarq, which used to be Sprint. Sprint's idea of customer service is yell at you and hand you off to someone else to yell at you. Another example of a leopard that can't change its spots. The mafia can learn lessons on how to keep something secret, because Embarq acts like NebuAd doesn't even exists, all the while they are in bed with them. Maybe Embarq is more like Bill Clinton in that regard. Embarq is a deprecated dinosaur. Unlike AT&T and Verizon, they don't have mobile phones to fall back on, just the less profitable DSL. And, oh by the way, you cannot DSL without landline phone, otherwise you have a cell phone only or get cheap and good enough VoIP.

    Fortunately for us Americans, the law is actually working for the consumers for a big change. A concept so radical it boggles my mind. Congress not listening to the money or the vocal minority, who knew such a thing could exist? You better do believe I am letting my Senator know about this. Along with some stupid environmentalists closing down a driving beach on a national park to protect a non-endangered bird and a non-endangered turtle all the while destroying the local economy.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Firms deep in the roots of spyware have the same business model

    Phorm : 121Media, NebuAd : Gator

    Same s**t different colour.

    Its the next step in spyware and if these companies can get through the back door of ISP's and fool them into believing there are benefits in the likes of Webwise, the internet as we know it is dead!

    Phorm and the like - MUST BE STOPPED

  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Deep JuJu ..... Much to Do Do about Everything

    ""We respectfully request that you do not move forward on Charter Communications' proposed venture with NebuAd until we have an opportunity to discuss with you issues raised by this proposed venture," .... What issues proposed by whom would be the next logical question?

    Why Wait for Answers whenever there are so many Questions to Fire Imagination....... and Energise 42 Create whatever One can Agree On is Viable for Future Reality.

    Virtual Machinery Processor Control via Stealth Proxy Mirroring Systems Permits such XXXXtraVacance /Magical Mystery Turing Trips and Shares them as C Seeds Planted XXXXPertly 42 Flower with the Sun Power and Networks InterNetworking with RobotIQs.

    ICQ NIRobotIQs

  7. Anonymous Coward

    lets not forget the others

    i thought that past association was old news butthanks for making it more widely known.

    but lets not forget the other Deep Packet Inspection/Interception for Profit of your copyrighted web content for commercial piracy and unlawful derivative works.

    that would currently stand at

    "Front Porch", "Adzilla", and "Project Rialto", they dont appear to have a wiki page that you could then use to link their Board of Directors and executive teams to any old adware/spyware rootkit companys they may have owned and worked at as yet....

    the credit reference agencys and the Mobile datastreams are also the next big potential prospect for these DPI assisted ISP data miners dont forget them too.

    go find the links and force them into the light of day were everyone can see how they operate their underhand data collection works.

  8. Robb Topolski
    Thumb Up

    Another one to add to the list of high-level coincidences...

    D. Reed Freeman, Jr is a partner of Kelley Drye & Warren and undersigned NebuAd CEO's FTC comments at -- and he was Chief Privacy Officer at Claria Corporation (see

  9. Robb Topolski

    Past Association

    I've read the rumors -- they were usually blog replies. This is the first real documentation of it.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Gator caused me major grief.

    In 1999 or so, when I wasn't nearly as knowledgeable about PCs and things like fixing Winsock registry entries, I downloaded something that installed Gator. I noticed it on my PC some time later, and unable to properly uninstall it (I don't think an uninstaller was provided), deleted it. Much to my chagrin, I no longer had internet connectivity, and everything I tried to restore it failed. I eventually had to wipe my machine clean and reinstall Windows 98' to fix the problem. (an in-place reinstall didn't help)

    In my opinion, Gator/Gain, or whatever this fly-by-night crapware company calls itself these days, still owes me for at least a day of my time and major frustration.

    Miserable bastards. I take great pleasure these days in stripping their software from any PC I find that has it. I wish Karma worked faster sometimes.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    You Can't Really Opt Out of AbuSpyware tracking

    Their "opt out" process requires that you leave a cookie on your machine. If you ever clear cookies, you are then invisibly 'opted in' again, and all your websurfing habits, including the content of any information you send over the Internet, is tracked by this despicable company. Remember that this company not only wrote viruses to put adware on PCs, and to track specific users' activities, they sued a company that (correctly) labelled them as a virus and spyware. These are really nasty people, running a really nasty company, which will likely do a lot of very nasty things, invisibly, to many millions of people. I can't wait to see how many insurance companies start asking "Did bob smith ever visit a site that contained information about HIV?" If the answer is "Yes", Bob will find himself not getting a job he is perfectly qualified for, as the company will not want to incur the health care costs of anyone who *might* someday be diagnosed with HIV. You get the picture. You know how large, dumb departments operate in corporations. They'll just create a list of "objectionable" sites, and if you've visited one, you are immediately disqualified from the job.

    This is some very evil stuff they are doing.

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