back to article Yahoo! exec! exodus! continues!

Delicious founder Joshua Schacter yesterday joined the swelling ranks of executives quitting Yahoo!. The firm said in a statement yesterday: "Joshua Schachter has contributed greatly to Delicious' success and Yahoo's success in our social search efforts...Yahoo wishes him well in his next endeavor." It added that he will leave …


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  1. Chris

    Execs leaving

    Something like rats and ship and jumping come to mind... They know they will be held accountable so they rather leave on their own account...

  2. Andrew Sayers

    Who! Cares!?

    Maybe it's just me who's bored with Yahoo! news....? !!!! For good measure.. Right, I'm off to the pub.

  3. Aodhhan
    Gates Horns

    Taking a plunge...

    ..and their stock keeps falling. Now down to $22.73 per share.

    Jerry Yang, you are such a genius in turning down the Microsoft offer of $33.00 per share. Maybe it is time you listen to Carl Icahn for a change; you might get MSFT to pay $25 per share if you hurry!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder ...

    1 ... How many of these rats who left the sinking ship were pushed or went voluntary?

    2 ... How many of these rats had a very nice golden handshake deal?

  5. greg


    Will! You! Stop! With! The! Stupid! Headlines! Whenever! Yahoo! Is! Involved!?

  6. Louis Savain

    Sinking Ship?

    Sinking ship? Are you kidding? Jerry Yang is to Yahoo what Steve Jobs is to Apple. Yang is the man and he did the right thing to save his company. He should be applauded. There is a need for an antidote to the Google monster and Yahoo is it, not Microsoft.

    If the jumping rats were all that good, why would the ship be sinking? It is good thing that the old guard is leaving. They failed. Now, what Jerry needs to do is to attract a true visionary who understands what is wrong with the search and advertising business (and there is a lot that is wrong with it other than it being kinda boring) and come up with an exciting and elegant solution that will leave the competition in the dust. Jerry should also consider diversifying Yahoo's business a little. There is lot more fish in the computer ocean than just search and advertising. Watch Yahoo bounce back like a tiger and confound all the doomsday prophets.


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward're a moron

    If you truly believe this, then buy up some of their stock. You will change your mind in a hurry.

This topic is closed for new posts.