back to article A.M.P - the ultimate musical robot?

If you can’t convince your partner to go to salsa lessons with you, why not trade them in for a robot? Or, to be more specific, an Automated Music Personality (AMP) that knows all the moves. AMP_Robot AMP: plays music, dances and follows you around AMP is the result of a joint initiative between Tiger Electronics and Sega …


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  1. Steven Raith

    It's not an El Reg weird robot feature...

    ...without a link to a youtube vid of the robot looking like someone having an epileptic fit after three chunky lines of coke.

    Sort it out, Sherwood!

    Steven R

  2. Elmer Phud


    I for one welcome our Cylon-Segway clone overlords.

  3. Eric
    Gates Halo

    working link cool robot

    h ttp://

This topic is closed for new posts.