back to article Yahoo! email! fans! get! more! domains!

Yahoo!’s free online email service is to grow new tentacles with the company planning to add two domains alongside its existing “” addresses. The struggling internet firm said it is to introduce “” and “” to give people who use its service a better choice of Yahoo! email address options. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    I am still using a rocket mail address

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  2. Anonymous Coward


    I was a happy rocketmail user a long long time ago. Then Yahoo bought them out and made everyone change over to addresses... Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

  3. Ian Ferguson
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    Christ, I remember Rocketmail

    My first web email address - circa 1996? - was at A few years later Yahoo!!1! swallowed them and I lost the rocketmail address (I think I got the same word at yahoo dot com but gave up on it). I wonder if I can get it back?

    Ymail, on the other hand, seems like a blatant attempt to keep up with Google Mail. I quote rather than, but my address is valid on both.

    It sounds like Yaho0!!!!! are taking a slightly different approach and allowing to be a different person than - sounds a bit dodgy to me, confusion will abound.

    Not to mention that people with existing addresses will probably be quick to grab their equivalents - just like when a new TLD is released, with lots of arsey gumpf about how it will open up more addresses - all that really happens is companies splurge out even more on protecting their existing brand.

  4. Adam Foxton


    Yahoo opens up more domains for spam-bots to use. Thanks, Yahoo- what the world needed was more free email addresses.

    I've already got about 3 free ones that I can remember, plus work and "family only" email...

  5. Ben Lambert


    So they're using domains they bought ages ago? Not exactly expanding service now is it?

    Wow, rocketmail was my first account YEARS ago (must be close to 11-12), and then yahoo bought them out ages ago. They were nice enough to keep the domain active, but i log in as "username.rm"

  6. Phil Cooke


    I've still got my old Rocketmail address, same setup as Ben with the username.rm login - pity I stopped using it as Yahoo!s service was pants compared to rocketmails. I check it occasionally and use it as an archive now.

    Guess I got me coat when it comes to Yahoo! ages ago.........

  7. Jamie Kitson

    Lies, Damn Lies, etc.

    I only have a yahoo address because I use flickr, I wonder how many accounts out of the 266 million are unused.

  8. Gav

    Define me!

    "We recognise that people want an email address that reflects who they are,"

    So "ymail" says you are .... questioning the point of emailing you at all??

  9. Vikash Joshi
    Paris Hilton

    Blast from the past!

    My god, I used to have a rocketmail address years ago, until Yahoo took it over. I then stopped using it as I didn't like the GUI.

    Paris: As her online activities cause expansion for web users too.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    My favourite email address was with I was deeply hurt when they shut down.

  11. tony trolle


    a few unused out there, I think I have two unused so thats 265,999,998 and counting

  12. Bryce Prewitt

    How about they fix the bloody overzealous spam filters?

    That'd be a nice change: e-mail that actually gets to its destination! BRILLIANT! How about you twats at Yahoo fix the fucking problem as opposed to offering up "new and exciting features" to try and keep people from ditching your ass for gmail? It's one thing to block e-mail responses for craigslist, but blocking work related e-mails too? I realize your spam filtering is blind, but does it have to be retarded, too?

  13. Yahoo Blows
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    Happy Users My Arse

    I had a rocketmail from years ago, converted into a email address. Then one day in 2000 I got a note from Yahoo that my account was suspended for "TOS Violations". That's all, no explanation, nothing. Repeated emails to the company: nothing. Phone calls: nothing. Even tried dropping in to the office in South Bay: nothing. Wrote letters to the board members, including the useless Yang and Filo: nothing. All my Yahoo! Points! deleted, all my emails, notes, everything. Yahoo "support" Since then I have tried, every few years, to re-register that email address: no luck, always "not allowed". Screw you Yahoo, your customer service is a pathetic joke, you obviously care less for your members than I do for my arse lint.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Bryce Prewitt

    Yes, I agree with you. It seems that one of the tricks some people use when their product is failing, is to add new features to it. I would much prefer them to fix what's broken instead of trying to distract us with shiny new things. It's something like "fixing" your brakes by adding a racing strip to your car. It doesn't usually work.

  15. Robert Armstrong
    Paris Hilton

    I have 7 or 8 yahoo mail accts that are fairly useless

    They are like condoms just not as sticky after you are done with them.

    Just like Paris....

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    never again

    I had a yahoo account once, a long time ago. One of the first ones when they first started offering up free email service. Had it up till a few years ago when it got hacked and taken. Spent two and a half months arguging with Yahell admins and their lackluster 'support' trying to get it back. And in the end, I said fuck it and went to gmail and never looked back. Hell, considering the profile picture on my yahoo account matched my driver's liscense photo scan and my IP address matched the previous logins to that account, but nope, no way in hell it was actually mine.

    Yahell is a dying entity and the sooner it realizes that the sooner Google wins

  17. Charles Manning

    What innovation!

    Is this the remarkable user experience improvement that Jerry said YHOO had up its sleeve?

    Google must be worried!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Keep going, Yahoo! ..

    Can they please create the following domains:

    Domain names should follow function, after all.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    I remember back in the day ...

    when I had a yahoo account ... then I realised it was rubbish and stuck with my hotmail account {of almighty win}

    now I want to abuse freecycle to get stuff to sell on ebay and I need a yahoo account, so I went to get my old one back and they said "have you ever bought anything with that yahoo account via credit card?"

    apparently the only way to recover an account is to have handed over your money, sounds dead free to me.

    so now I can't sell stuff I get for free :(

    anyone else got any getrichquick schemes ? :P

  20. Andrew Thomas

    Yahoo mail is excellent

    My yahoo account is great - really easy to use. What are people moaning about? There's some right miserable moaning sods here.

  21. Blair Shorney

    Good luck trying to find them

    I looked and looked for somewhere to sign up for one of these, but no luck. Every link I've clicked on just sends me back to my existing Yahoo email account.

  22. Maryland, USA

    Here's where to claim your ymail name--BUT...


    I, too, looked in vain for two days. I finally succeeded by using the ymail promotion at Yahoo Asia:

    One BIG problem: I had to create a new Yahoo account. I couldn't just add my ymail address to my current Yahoo account. Please, someone, tell me I'm wrong!

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