back to article Snail mail goes hi-tech – literally

Email’s near-instant delivery speed is one of its best selling points, but a group of British artists are challenging that with a work that uses living snails to deliver email in a true 'snail mail' fashion. RFID_snail The Real Snail Mail art project sees snails delivering emails over RFID The “slow art” project by Vicky …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Agent 003

    "Agent 003 may soon face an official warning from the Postmaster General though, because he hasn’t delivered a single message yet."

    I think you'll find Agent 003 is a girl.

  2. Chris Morrison
    Dead Vulture

    El Reg in tabloid journalisim shock!

    Well done on copying that article from the BBC website. It's only been up there since Monday.

    Quality journalism from the reg.

    I am disgusted by El Reg and removing you from my bookmarks.

  3. BK
    Paris Hilton


    they are all girls, and boys, land snails are hermaphrodites...Paris - because she she would think that's 'hot'

  4. Scott K

    Quicker than

    Probably still be quicker than Royal Mail (snail) seriously why do things get here from Germany and the USA faster than somewhere in England :(

  5. James Sherwood

    Re: Snail sex

    I'm no snail expert, but according to Wikipedia, snails are actually hermaphrodites. So, whilst Agent 003 may have been given a female name, the slithering RFID snail is neither boy nor girl.

  6. Ferry Boat

    My message wasn't delivered

    Maybe because the subject was 'Garlic butter'.

  7. Richard


    "I think you'll find Agent 003 is a girl"

    Or a boy ... or both - most snails are hermaphrodite

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    AOL were there first?

    Haven't AOL been using a similar system for delivering messages from non AOL accounts?

  9. Anonymous Coward


    See above.

  10. ImaGnuber


    Schrödinger's snail?

    Yes, it is a stretch. My coat is/isn't...

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Flash Snails

    The RFID does not carry a message it is only an ID, the ID triggers server events. ie trigger collect, trigger release, and repeat. the message is located on the server at all times. and is not unfortunatly carried by the snails. Now flash snails is another matter....

    Anyway random wandering is stupid, make these snails work... saoemone needs to devise a method to encourage these snails to move back and forth..

    heat light food water ?? surely something will do it?

  12. Nicholas Ettel

    Agent 003

    I think you'll find that Agent 003 actually works for the Office of Administration for the Executive Office of the President, as all 003's emails have seem to gone "missing," too.

    My coat's made up of the missing back-up tapes from the OA.

  13. bluesxman

    RE: Flash Snails

    "heat light food water ?? surely something will do it?"

    Sodium Chloride.

  14. James Stout
    Black Helicopters

    Salt Delivery Exceptionally Slow

    I was wondering where that package ended...

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Agent 003

    Is going to escar-go if she don't pick up the pace a bit. Maybe some of that hot butter would do the trick.

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