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Nokia’s latest N-series "multmedia computer" bundles a 3.2-megapixel camera, music player, satnav and maps into a sleek go-anywhere, do-it-all device. The N78 is certainly a classy looking handset, and the smart touch goes much deeper than its looks. Its sleek, gloss-black front may at first glance resemble the touch-sensitive …


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  1. dervheid
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    Nice legs, shame about...

    the "cheap plastic". Why do they always have to spoil a potentially great product that way ( I love the metal casing in my 6500 slide). Not to sure about the 'bendy' front either. I'm an old fashioned 'real buttons' type of bloke.

    Like the fact that you can swap out the headphones on the headset for your preferred pair. About time Nokia came up to date there. Might look to buy the headset for this one if it's compatible with the 4 way 2.5mm on my current phone, coz the earphones on the headset suck bigtime.

  2. Matthew Coulson

    FM transmitter!

    At last - a worthy upgrade from my W850.

    FM, card slot, proper headphone jack. Walkman beater right there :)

  3. Chris


    Very much like the idea of the FM transmitter: hopefully the N96 will have this as well?

    @dervheid: the N91 and N95 both had the ability to stick your own headphones inline with the wee remote thing, so Nokia have been doing this for what, 2 years now?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    headphones - just get a cheap converter

    Or you can buy one of these from maplin for £1.99:

    Simply plug in to your phone, then attach any headphone you like. Yes you lose the remote and mic, but it works just fine for listening to music.

  5. Steve Sutton

    It's still got...

    ...that ridiculous navi key that sticks out from the right soft key, and has been the bane of Nokia N series phones of late (Hint: It's virtually impossible to avoid pressing it accidentally from time to time, and if you have it in a protective case/belt clip jobbie, it *is* impossible to avoid pressing it!).

  6. Richard Sloan


    The N95 doesn't need to use the remote thing to plug headphones in, you can plug them straight in and it asks you what you plugged in (same socket used for headset, headphones, vid out, etc) I have also been using internet radio (shoutcasts) on it using the beta software and am having no problems using it on web&walk without hitting the fair use limit. I think the FM transmitter is a fantastic idea built in but i've not heard of them speccing it for the N96 yet, i'm sold if they do.

  7. Andrew

    N82's Touch Sensitive Brother?

    Looks like the N82 in black accept with an FM transmitter, A worse camera and LED Flash, and has touch sensitive buttons.

    I don't trust touch sensitive for shit.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More N Series handsets..

    N96 has FM transmitter, yes. But you'll probably want to wait for the N85 or N79 if you're all about the music, both due to hit stores around October time - although no doubt there's even better handsets following them...

    Also, without giving too much away, the iPhone on prepay looks to be slightly cheaper in the UK than it Italy. So now we just have to wait for jailbreaking to be confirmed and weigh up an O2 contract against an initial payment...

  9. Steve

    I'm with Andrew....

    ... looks like a N82 with worse camera/flash, an FM transmitter and some touch sensitive bits.

    If the camera was N82 standard then i'd be impressed - but I'm not trading in THE BEST camera on a phone ever for some gimmicky touchscreen nonsense and a FM transmitter.

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    price way too high...

    strange how everyone whines about Apple's pricing of the iPhone. this one is nearly double the price and yet everyone is cheering.

    This phone has nothing revolutionary to justify $600

  11. MJ

    FM transmitter!

    The addition of an FM transmitter is fantastic. Please can all your future media capable phones include this Nokia :-)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: price way too high

    Umm, 310 quid is the *unsubsidised* price for a phone you can use anywhere, on any network. I'm not sure what the unsubsidised price of the iPhone is, but it doesn't matter, you can't get one.

  13. David Gosnell

    "LED flash"

    Still a contradiction in terms. Either it's an LED, or a flash.

  14. Michael Wright

    "slightly pretentious ‘composers’ search option"

    And what, pray, the f is pretentious about a "composer" search option?

    Or aren't old farts like me allowed to have nice new phones?

    BTW, it would be nice to see a real review that gave some clue about how well the GPS works in practice. I will buy a new phone when I get get one with useful GPS -- useful in New Zild, that is.

  15. dervheid

    @ Cheap Converter

    Looked at those already. Not quite the same though, is it, having to dick around taking the 'phones out to answer a call. I've just checked out the new headset on the nokia website and the bugger's only got a 3.5mm plug. Looks like I'll have to get the sharp knife and soldering iron out after all.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Headphone Connections

    @dervheid / @Cheap Converter / @Richard Sload

    The Nokia N91 (released quite a while ago - I must have had one for a couple of years, perhaps a few months more) was I believe Nokia's first phone to have a built in 3.5mm jack. This means you can plug headphones straight in. This has worked for me with Sennheiser headphones at home, Sony and Sennheiser earphones when out and about, computer speakers in the kitchen, various 3.5mm to 2xphono converters for connecting to HiFi at home and mixing desks at events and a couple of different 3.5mm to tape converters in the car (basically, anything standard works).

    If there is a call the in-built microphone still works, so you can take calls - this is particularly useful in the car with the phone mounted on an air vent, as it means that the car's sound system acts as a hands free kit without having to worry about connecting the inline remote/mic that comes with the phone. If you're walking about then you would need to take the phone out of your pocket to answer it and talk (as the microphone in use is the one in the phone), but can leave the earphones attached and the sound will come out through your earphones.

    The inline remote/mic has a four-pole 3.5mm plug that goes into the same socket that you can directly plug headphones into, and another connector built into the plug that goes into an adjacent connector on the phone (later N series phones, such as the N95, N81, N82 & this N78 have managed to dispense with this extra connector). I assume the 4th pole is for the mic (just connected to earth when you plug earphones directly in), and the other connector for controls (with the newer phones piggy-backing the two together on the fourth pole somehow). The remote/mic then has a 3.5mm socket that can fit all the above mentioned devices.

    With the inline remote/mic in place, you can control the music (play/pause, previous, next and stop buttons), and answer/end calls and make calls and switch profiles (the call button pressed on receiving a call answers it, pressing during a call hangs up, and while not in a call holding the button down starts the voice recognition up, which allows calling your contacts and changing the profile (eg. you say silent or general)) and adjust the volume (works in both calls and the music player), all while leaving the phone in your pocket. There is also a separate keypad lock switch, so you can have the phone locked and remote unlocked, both locked, both unlocked or (and I don't know why you'd do this, but you can) the phone keypad unlocked and the remote keypad locked. It will use the mic in the remote when it is connected, rather than the one in the phone. This can also be useful for some video applications (put the phone on its charge stand, point at a musician in a set location - eg. a pianist - and put the remote mic in the optimal position for the sound recording and hit record).

    I don't tend to use the remote a lot these days (although I have used it a fair bit in the past), as the N91 has big music buttons that can be operated in a pocket, and I don't mind taking the phone out to answer and as I said above, I don't need it in the car, but on these phones with more crowded music button areas it might be good.

    I really appreciate the in built FM transmitter feature on the N78, as many cars nowadays have radio and CD but no bluetooth A2DP, tape or easily accessible line in (although I am lucky enough to have a tape still, allowing me to easily plug in my N91 through a cheap easy to use widely available and normally decent sounding adapter), so kudos to Nokia for that. I hope the N96 has it too (I have heard mixed reports on that - the initial announcement didn't mention it, but not checked the official specs recently).

    Anyway, hope that rather long message has clarified the whole nokia & headphones thing.

  17. Tim

    @ Anonymous Coward

    Nokia N96 does not have FM transmitter.

    Check the spec at

  18. Tim

    @ Steve

    The keys on Nokia N78 are not touch sensitive.

  19. Tim

    @ David Gosnell

    I'm not sure that I'd go along with your definitions.

    What's the problem calling it an LED flash? My understanding is it's either an LED flash or a Xenon flash. I'd agree that it would be a contradiction to call it an LED xenon, but that's not what Andrew said.

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