back to article Apple out to trump gadget warranty fraudsters

If you’ve dropped your iPhone down the privy and tried to get a new one by saying “it simply stopped working”, your cover’s blown. Apple is working to prove when a gadget’s been damaged by water. apple_water_damage_patent_app Apple's patent app could see an end to false warranty claims According to an Apple patent …


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  1. Suf


    Isn't this already in the current iPhone? it's a little plate that changes colour inside the headphone jack....

    Jobs Horns


    Most phones do this already.

    Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones have it on the battery, with the SE ones also inside the phone in a visable place. Some Nokia handsets have them visable, and most motorola phone hsav ethe under the battery as in the apple "pattent". Most start life out as white, but then turn red when they have become wet.

    Also, most water damage, at least on phone, will show up with corrosion on the PCB, an usually blue/green corrosion on any copper contacts.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    This technology is already in use, my NOKIA 5210 has a water sensing sticker.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    As Suf said this is already in the current iPhone. Has been since launch. Apple techs have a little viewer that they poke down the headphone jack socket to see it.

    You guys need to keep up.

  5. Michael

    innovative ??

    All that.. and Apple tries to patent it when others already have something similiar. As always, Apple can't come up with any original ideas to patent.

  6. Richard Cartledge

    Nokia already has something like this

    I don't think this is new, even the Nokia 3300 turned permanently green once it had been wetted.

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