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Jerry Yang celebrates his first year as CEO of Yahoo! today, but with so many execs choosing to exit stage left, it’s not exactly an anniversary he’ll want to shout about. Over the past week many of the beleaguered internet firm’s key players have upped sticks in what some observers see as an increasingly vocal protest against …


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  1. Redbullguzzler
    IT Angle

    I only have one thing to say to Yang


  2. Anonymous Coward


    So, all these senior executives who will have had a significant amount of their income paid in stock and options are voting with their feet. No great surprise there. With the fall in share price as a result of rejecting Microsoft, the executives' options are probably worthless, and the stock worth 1/2 of what it was. It's no surprise the executives are all running away - its starting to look like one of those classic reverse takeovers where the board level support for the boss just ebbs away until they are forced to resign. It's clear that Yang, for all his success, doesn't have a clue how to run a large company. This is one of the key reasons you get experienced people into CEO roles.

  3. Sam

    Can someone tell me..

    what execs actually do?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    execs leaving

    It makes sense for founders to get moved on, it's natural - like putting your oldies in a returement home when they get too frail and slow to brush their own teeth.

    I work in a company that's relatively young and we are currently suffering from a lot of "old timers" who are still here simply because they have elevated themselves to a high and generally unsackable rank over the years. they are dead weight and to be frank can't always do their jobs properly.

    what is needed in any company that has expanded rapidly is to clear this dead weight and streamline management and resposibility chains to maximise the efficiency of the business overall.

    Who would you rather have: a guy who is CEO because he started the company or a guy who has CEO'd 10 other companies in the last 20 years and has made billions for his shareholders ?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Buzzword Alert!

    "Together, Navic and Microsoft will deliver addressable television advertising solutions to help our partners better manage media spend by increasing advertiser reach and ROI, and maximising publisher yield on television advertising."

    If you can read that out loud without laughing (or crying), you may have a future in marketing.

    And here people accuse Register hacks of murdering the language. 'leccy and mobe are nothing when compared with managed media spend that leverages ROI multipliers on advertiser reach vs. publisher yield.

  6. Robert Moore

    @what execs actually do?

    In my experience... Download a lot of pr0n.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    How much?

    Any idea what MS paid for Navic? What does a company with 82 employees go for now days?

  8. Kevin Johnston Silver badge


    Apparently they... 'take the money and run'

    it's the sparkly one with a treble clef on the lapel

  9. Steven Raith

    Strange how... the IT world, when shares fall, execs walk.

    In Barclays, the share price has fallen by half in the last year, but no tales of mass walk outs from heavy shareholders there.

    Does this show how seriously people in the IT world take their 'investments' in a company compared to other markets?

    Steven R

  10. steven kraft Silver badge

    @Steven Raith

    Part of this is course the Silicon Valley culture, where changing employers every 2-3 years is often considered a good thing.

    However, Yang has no strategy to get Yahoo! competitive on its own, and their turnover was already bad. So I expect a lot of people are looking at the doorway while Yang's to do list reads like:

    1. Buy tickets on the Titanic

    2. Deck chairs--don't forget them!

    3. Have interior decorator look into deck chair placement

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    And so, ultimately Microsoft gets its way as it has so many times before

    as Yahoo! continues its relentless journey out of business, but, in a new twist, without a single Micro$ having to change hands. Now all Ballmer needs is to provide any reason whatsoever to use Live in preference to Google...

  12. David
    Gates Horns

    In other words we failed the Web.

    So MIcrosoft is getting into TV advertising.

    Translation: We failed on the Web, that is Googles, and TV is looking like a device that we can get market share, with Xbox and all.

  13. Nordrick Framelhammer

    Try, try, try again

    Let us not forget Micro$loths last venture into the world of television with MSNBC that slowly disintergrated into a cloud of nothingness. I expect that the poor, suffering US TV viewers will soon be subjected to adverts extoling the virtues of Micro$loth's Live search. It is about the only way they will get people to use it.

  14. Paul Stephenson

    @How much

    Totally depends on the company - we've got 65 and we're worth about half a billion. Powerstation's don't come cheap :)

    @Steven Raith

    Probably because they know the company isn't going belly up *or* that when they do then will do a northern rock and bail them out.

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