back to article Adobe frightens Wall St with on-target results

Adobe injected a note of nervousness into the tech investment community yesterday as it set third quarter financial targets at the lower end of some analysts’ estimates and its CEO said a naughty word. The software vendor said it expects third quarter revenues to come in at $855m to $885m, generating earnings per share of $0. …


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  1. Rob

    Or it could be...

    ... trade is tailing off a little cause they are do their best to rip their customers off at every opportunity, with unfair pricing and useless imcremental upgrades and charging full whack for the privilage.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who's the gimp now

    enouf said :)

  3. Sampler

    Financial Statement...

    ...did they send it in a .pdf format?

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