back to article Eclipse projects squeeze into record Summer fun pack

The Eclipse Foundation's annual code blitz - this year under the name Ganymede - kicks off at the end of this month with 24 Eclipse projects co-ordinating their new releases. Now in its third year, this annual big push keeps getting bigger. Ganymede is Eclipse's largest co-ordinate release of updated projects to-date, beating …


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  1. Gustav Schoebel

    Eclipse is antique.

    Eclipse feels like the Soviet Union - well planned, poorly executed, run by a small klan of cigar smoking bureaucrats. Lots of folks are moving to NetBeans, I'm feeling a motivation to do the same. Very sad, given where Eclipse started.

  2. CTG

    Troll alert

    NetBeans must be running scared - every time there is an article about Eclipse, up pops a troll to declare that Eclipse is dead and everyone should move to NetBeans.

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