back to article US PC sales sputter amidst economic gloom

Worldwide PC shipments will outshine previous growth forecasts for 2008 according to IDC, which attributed the rise to robust sales of portable computers. The research firm said yesterday that it now expects to see worldwide computer shipments rise 15.2 per cent over last year’s figures. That’s an increase of 2.5 points on IDC …


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  1. Danger Mouse
    Paris Hilton


    Supposedly, the next big/little thing in the computer world is low powered desktops & laptops, of which (if I'm not mistaken) 95% are being built in Asia, by non-American companies.

    Good luck with that whole economy thing U S of A.

    Paris, because even she's not cheap enough to compete with an Asian assembly plant.

  2. Doug Lynn

    Banks caused the economic woes in USA

    Hi, yes we need to take a whip to the banks, they caused many to default on variable interest home loans. They are just a bunch of greed people, who in their right mind would sign a variable interest home loan? But woe to those you greedily offer them, shame on you banks! I take this report with a large grain of salt, laptop sells were already increasing and desktops decreasing as people have the need for more portable computing, which has come way down in price. Desktops can't hardly go lower.

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