back to article Property slump hits Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse hasn't been connecting as many ADSL customers as it had hoped, though apparently it's all the fault of the housing slowdown and booming sales of mobile broadband. Overall revenue is up by 12 per cent over the last 12 months to £4.5bn. "Headline profit" jumped 75 per cent to £216m, while "statutory profit …


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  1. Martin
    Paris Hilton

    Taste the irony

    The Carphone Warehouse is suffering.. because too many people are choosing mobile broadband over fixed lines.

    What next? Is BP going to suffer from too many people driving instead of walking? McDonalds due to too many people choosing fried foods?

    Paris, because she knows her core market

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phorm has nothing to do with the slump

    So lets blame

    "housing slowdown and booming sales of mobile broadband"

    and forget the lack of trust, and data pimping issues.

  3. Chad H.

    so its got nothing to do with...

    That both of their ISP brands - talktalk and AOL, are just terrible?

  4. Serrio

    Re: Phorm has nothing to do with the slump

    I'd say the kind of person who gets their broadband through CPW doesn't even know what Phorm is, let alone what's wrong with it.

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  6. joe K

    Ofcourse it doesn't

    @Anonymous Coward

    Concerns over Phorm and the like really are confined to the IT geek chatosphere. The average broadband subscriber has much lower expectations and is much less informed than you think.

  7. Duncan

    i agree

    with the housing marking in full scale decline pretty much anthing can now be blamed on plummeting house prices, it's fair game

  8. pctechxp

    @Andrew Langhorn

    Dont they use Opal telecom's LLU net? thought thats why they acquired it.

  9. Tim Donovan

    @ Andrew Langhorn


    Talk Talk isn't used via AOL's LLU network.

    They are both seperate networks. Talk Talk LLU is used via MPF and AOL's BB offering is via SMPF. These are 2 different connection methods. Plus both Networks are also run through different routers and utilise differnet eqpt.

    I'd double check the facts before posting...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear that is bad phorm.

    Well at least BT offer voip phones and set top boxes and Virgin offer cableTV. wheres as CPW offer?? spamwebcentral?

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  12. Tim Donovan

    @ Andrew Langhorn

    Well, I assumed they both use different systems as I work for CPW Networks (the new name for Opal telcom) and have worked on some aspects of Talk Talk's network in my time.

    Plus there is the fact that AOl use one supplier for their kit and CPWN use another supplier will also imply that they are different networks?

  13. pctechxp


    not necessaily, just that they use multiple vendors, indpendent networks have their own Autonomous System (AS) numbers.

    @ Andrew It maybe that AOL UK customers have been shunted onto CPW Networks' LLU network (which would make more economic sense than trying to operate two infrastructures) and so the customers of both brands will be served IPs from the same IP address block which would explain what you are observing.

    The RIPE database is a good place to check IP block allocations

  14. pctechxp

    Reasons for CPW woes

    I really really hope that company goes titsup

    They provide a dire broadband service (I've never used them but know plenty of people that have) with dire support, DNS problems, throttling of applications that aren't P2P at all, you name it, they can screw it up.

    As for dealing with their core incompetency let me twll you of my couple of experiences with this dreadful organisation.

    1) About 8 years ago I had an excellent Ericsson S868 mobile, unfortunately it fell off my belt one day onto its aerial which bent and seemed to be affecting call quality, when I got home I proceeded to look on CPW's site for a replacement one (went to the site thinking that it was unlikely that they would stock such a part in my local branch)

    Found the screw in aerial I needed and proceeded to order.

    When it turned up they had sent me an aerial for an A1018 rather than an S868, therefore it would not fit, fair enough, mistakes do happen so I ring up 'customer services' and tell the guy that I had been sent the wrong part and asking whether he could arrange a swap "what do you want me to do about it?" was his helpful response.

    So I went to the local branch and asked to speak to the manager, the salesbod was unwilling to get the manager or give me a refund until I told him that I would hand the matter over to my credit card company to recover the purchase price, the manager came out and was extrenely apologetic and said he would feed back about this, he checked for the part and said they did not have one at all in CPW and so gave me a refund.

    2) Fast forward a few years and I was looking for a SIM free Motorola V600, I went with CPW as they were the cheapest, I ordered the phone and got a delivery date (which was a saturday) I booked the day off and nothing showed up (it showed up on a tuesday while I was at work and so I had to go down and pick it up from the courier depot.

    I mailed to complain, even just an apology would have been nice, but I got bugger all response from them so frankly I think its not surprising that their sales are decreasing.

    Here's to a bankrupt Charles Dunstone.

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