back to article Red Hat shoots down brace of patent disputes

Red Hat Inc today settled two patent lawsuits that the Linux software firm had been contesting. It said that patent claims by Firestar Software Inc, filed in 2006, and DataTern Inc, filed earlier this year, have now been settled. The financial terms of both deals were kept secret. However, the company remains embroiled in a …


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  1. Belxjander Serechai

    *Yawn* please...

    Why is LLC bothering with such a waste of time?

    mutliple displays off the same machine as seperate workspaces were done

    BEFORE the GUI became a reality on text only mainframes...

    Im not old enough to have ever done anything that dismantle one and it

    seems blatantly obvious to me...

    tools like "screen" and "synergy" make this a moot point and "public domain" in a sense as well... are they going to go after *everyone* !?!?

    I'll take the coat with anti-static lining and covered in cat fur from my pet...

  2. Patrick O'Reilly

    Problem Solved

    It's not multiple workspaces!

    It's one workspace.

    On a Cube!

    That freakin' Spins!

  3. Mike Silver badge

    Prior Art

    Wouldn't Englebart's (fairly well distributed) video from 1968 be applicable? Does the patent office even have folks who can watch TV, let alone read?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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