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Seven years ago, Alex Kozinski, one of the highest-ranking federal judges in the US, helped lead a successful insurrection after discovering court administrators had installed web filters that prevented jurists from accessing pornography. Now we know why. The chief judge of the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been caught …


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  1. Ted van de Weteringe
    Thumb Up

    Any relation to Jerzy?

    Ya know, the famous pr0n writer.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Two points

    1. So is he a rapist now, as per Jacqui Smiths idiot criminalization law?

    2. How judges what the judges are allowed to see? Whose judgement is better than the judges that he sets the filter? Jacqui? Brown? Blair?...

  3. Joe

    Some more points

    1) A woman painted to look like cows? One cow, weird but possible. One woman painted to look like many cows, that's an acheivement!

    2) Public hair? I'm sure there's many hairdressing sites showing that happening!

    3) Bestiality, surely?

    4) How on earth does one "accidentally" get hold of pics like this and then upload them to a website?!

    5) I only have four points.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Presumably if this stuff was uploaded by accident

    he wouldn't have known to exclude bots from both Google and the Internet Archive from being able to crawl the grubby bits of his site... My verdict: bullshit.

    Shame, really, the girls painted as cows sounded quite artistic

  5. Alphabet Soup
    Paris Hilton

    "a step-by-step series of a woman shaving her public hair"

    So not her private parts then.

    Paris, who exemplifies the brazilian commando approach.

  6. Adrian Crooks

    So Porn is illegal?

    If it's not easy for the public to get a hold of then except for the bestiality charges I'm rather annoyed with the prudish behavior of the feds. Too bad, I can appreciate a judge that doesn't live in an ivory tower.

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    @Adrian Crooks

    What? You're saying you want to mount the judge's ivory tower? Filth!

  8. Adam Foxton

    @David Weirnicki

    Its true- its all about sex and obscenity with these IT guys. Why, not two days ago the head of IT told me that if I wanted to get access to files he'd backed up for me I'd have to mount his hard drive!

    A bloody disgrace, the lot of you!

  9. Elmer Phud

    Moral Majority

    "Kozinski is a judicial conservative who was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan" .Sez it all, really.

    In Good Old Blighty (tm) we also have a history of those upholding the law upholding something else. It's usually the right-wingers for some reason - maybe it's the 'decent upbringing' of the occasional sound thrashing that 'never did them any harm' but turns them in to two-faced jism monkeys with a taste for the oddly exotic.

    "Bring back the Whip!" -- "no, not for the criminals, for ME!!!!"

  10. Chris G

    I am not surprised

    What do you expect from a man who wears a black dress for much of his working day?

  11. Steve

    @AC1 - Two points

    1) He's a US Federal Judge

    2) The US != UK, Jacqui and Gordon have nothing to do with this.


  12. Kanhef


    How does one accidentally upload files to a server? It's a rather deliberate action that takes some effort to get wrong.

    @David Wiernicki

    You owe me a new keyboard and monitor.

  13. Robin Bradshaw


    Forget the porn he had mp3's on his site, send him to guantanmo for copyright violations. We all know pirate music is the worst crime on earth.

    Oh and where are the pictures, the thought of a woman painted as cows intrigues me , even if she was just painted as a cow that makes it a must see photo.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    One more cretin exposed on the bench

    A local dairy has an ad campaign whose tag line is "It's the Cows" Truly, in this case, 'tis.

    The green fellow in the flasher's jacket, because after all, the judge is likely nekkid under his girlie robes anyway.

    This is what I have come to expect of the entire GOP appointed crew, and they never disappoint me. Who's next? Let's go.

  15. Maty

    it was a spelling mistake, okay?

    Obviously the poor journo didn't mean to say 'a woman painted to look like cows'. Give him a break. It is obvious it should have been Cowes, probably a tasteful view of the harbour. I wonder if the artist managed to get the little boats in if he painted it during regatta week. Did the pictures 'involving defecation' show a woman painted to look like Bognor?

  16. Anonymous Coward


    The cow-women were on the stilesreport years ago...

  17. Andy

    website directory listing

    For those of you who thought it might have been "by mistake" check this page out:

    Some of the videos/images have *very* interesting names!

  18. Joe

    Sorry Dan

    I'm not normally a pedant, but I guess I was just in the mood last night! I really want to see this photo of a woman dressed like Cowes now though!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seriously though..

    On the whole bias front, if you can accuse the judge of bias because he dabbles in the stuff, surely you can accuse those who don't of bias in the other direction?

    The art of being a good Judge is being simply able to interpret the law on the facts of the case and not your predelictions. Its not your predelictions that determine if you are a good Judge or not.

    And, for arguments sake, if what you do in your private life DOES make you a good or bad Judge, then the test must be if your private life is representative of general community standards. And I would wager a Judges salary that more people dabble in this kind of thing than don't.

  20. Schultz
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    Kozinski to recuse himself from obscenity trial ...

    OTOH he seems to be the only judge with the relevant expertise for said case.

  21. Kanhef
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    @ Andy

    Nice. Some ordinary legal documents, some good stuff like the PowerPoint version of the Gettysburg Address, some executables that sound like Trojans (sextetris.exe etc.), some fairly obvious porn (orgasm.wav, the 'Fucking/' directory) in various formats - audio, video, Flash, PowerPoint. Particularly interesting is the 'Larry Craig/' directory. Too bad it doesn't list what's in it.

  22. tony trolle


    funny thing is if you check around he did have a robots.txt file on his site which excluded a legal directory. So he did have a clue.

    The other non-excluded directories are legal things or his own Media appearances; one realplayer file of his "The dating game" is on youtube.

    BTW the index page has always showed the "move along" message with no links.

  23. tony trolle


    found it again was:

    disallow /jurist-l/

    the home pages was/is(?)

    Ain't nothin' here.

    Y'all best be movin' on, compadre.

    and Lewis&Clark directory :








    Don't Split.htm

    Don't Split_files/ < dir >













    And underneathmyrobe directroy has had






    datinggame.rm < on youtube


    myhottie&I.jpg <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< oh yes

    snowcountry.jpg <ski mag


    but lately

    Cutting the Mustard.jpg

    Diddley Squat.jpg


    Juris Dufus.jpg




    some of this stuff can be found at

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