back to article VMware turns Thinstall into ThinApp

VMware is done digesting the application virtualization startup, Thinstall, and will be rebranding the product under a suspiciously analogous name: ThinApp. The company said its debut in app encapsulation will be ready within the next 30 days. VMware's ThinApp follows on the tails of Citrix and its own rival suite, XenApp. …


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  1. James Pickett (Jp)
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    Had a play with the ThinApp Beta a few weeks back and a Thinstall demo before they were bought out. Absolutely brilliant, especially now there is a simpler way to manage the application isolation levels.

    Very much hoping for a nice Educational Discount!

  2. Rob
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    Good news

    I actually thought Thinstall (or Project Northstar) was a good name, it encapsulated the concept perfectly. I suppose ThinApp sounds more like the competition and gives a clearer idea of what the product does. I'm really surprised this technology hasn't got all that much attention (yet).

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