back to article Toshiba Cell-based GPU trounces quad-core CPU

Graphics chip buffs sceptical about Toshiba's attempt to muscle in on the market with its Cell-derived SpursEngine chip may need think again: the chip last week heartily thrashed an Intel 3GHz Core 2 Quad. The head-to-head was hosted by Corel, TGDaily reports, which had Toshiba's SE1000 and the general-purpose processor both …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    So in summary...

    A Cell-based CPU, with less than half the clock speed, and half the number of SPU cores, as the PS3's Cell chip, whipped a quad-core based PC...


    Paris, because she likes quickies.

  2. Kevin


    Was the Toshiba running a encoder that was written from scratch specifically for its chips? (almost would have to be)

    And was the Intel Quad core running a generic X86 architecture encoder on vista or was it some optimized code written by Intel?

    Because if it was optimized code vs unoptimized code of course the Toshiba would win just like the old optimized Intel, and AMD Divx codec would beat the pants off the generic X86 Dixv codec that was available at the time.

  3. Rich Turner
    Paris Hilton

    Apples != Offal

    This is like trying to compare the taste of a juicy sweet apple to the taste of some animal's innards.

    It'd be interesting to see the performance of the Cell chip emulating an x86 processor running Windows/Linux/MacOS.

    It may have done a half-decent job of encoding video, but it'd have been more meaningful to compare the performance of Toshiba's Cell chip to the latest from nVidia or AMD/ATI.

    Paris because she too is difficult to compare to a human female!

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Why not test it against an Nvidia tesla card?

  5. chris
    Paris Hilton

    What were they using to encode?

    was it vista and nero or an actual quick encoder like mencoder/transcode in linux?

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