back to article Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed

Rockstar won't be releasing downloadable extras for the Xbox 360 version Grand Theft Auto IV quite as soon as rather a lot of gamers were anticipating. There are at least two downloadables coming. The first chunk of this "episodic content" was expected sometime this coming autumn, but Rockstar's publisher, Take-Two Interactive …


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  1. Richie M


    as since Take-Two said this Microsoft has said that the DLC is on schedule :-/

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Another Microsoft scam?

    I assume Microsoft and Rockstar knew this long before the game launched, but figured, lets keep quiet a few more weeks.

    Poor old 360 owners, they got the inferior version of GTA IV (with much slower loading times, fuzzy textures, and tonnes of popup), and won't be getting the add-ons until a time when GTA IV will be ancient history (in console gaming terms).

  3. Joe K

    Not that annoyed

    I've only ever completed 1 GTA game out of all of them, and this one is even bigger.

    50 hours in now and still not on the 3rd island, and now about to leave off it for a while to move onto MGS4.

    The idea of paying for another chapter isn't that thrilling an idea to me now, ask again if i ever complete the actual game.

  4. Mark Broadhurst
    Thumb Up

    Little difference

    Mid-Autumn* to early winter isn't bad better done right than quickly.

    Something EA and Ubisoft should take note of.

    *that's fall for our American readers.

  5. radian

    not bovered

    Am I the only person who bought GTA4 and then realised it didn’t live up to the hype?

    The online stuff was particularly disappointing.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Give it 10 minutes...

    ... the PS3 fanbois'll be on here gloating about it being late. The penguin lovers will blame it on Bill Gates and his console sucking and point to an obscure version of Linux that was delivered on time.

    The XBox fanbois'll point out that the PS3 made GTA4 late and that for that they must die. They'll also point ou that the PS3 isn't getting the extra content.

    This will cycle round every 2 or 3 comments as none of them read the posts above them.

  7. Rob McDougall

    Extra content for PS3?

    Does noone else think they'd be mad to not put the extra content on the PlayStation network and charge a tenner? I'd pay for it! There's so much of Liberty City that's under utilised in the main game...

  8. Anonymous Coward


    Wonder if the delay is so they can release the dlc on other formats once the ms exclusivity deal is up?

  9. Highlander

    Consider me tickled

    Ah, wait, what's that noise? It's the sheen on the GTA-IV exclusive content being scrubbed away by an industrial scale steel wool buffing machine.

    In all seriousness, is this a surprise? Delays are common place in games on both systems. Video games are like all IT projects, most of them are either over budget or over time, some are both, and in a very few fortunate and well managed products some are on time and on budget. Though these last ones usually skip a feature or two to make it under budget or meet the launch date. Just like every other IT project ever.

    Still, it is nice to see some of the luster being removed from this supposed jewel in Microsoft's crown. Whatever next, supposed exclusive games going multi-platform. Oh, wait, Lost Planet and Bioshock already pulled that off. What ever will they do? All these delays and exclusive games jumping ship, why, the Xbox360 must be doomed, it's days are numbered!

    (Note: for the sarcastically challenged among you, this comment essentially turns the tables on all those times that we've read of the supposed doom of the PS3 because of a delay here or there, and an exclusive game going multi-platform here or there. After all, as well all know such things are signs of impending doom and the death of a console.)

    Whatever next? What if worldwide sales of PS3 were better than the 360....oh, wait..... OK, what if the 360 only sold better in the US market just like the old Xbox did? What? You say that's true as well? Next thing you'll be saying that just like the old original Xbox it's only selling well in the US and UK. Ah, I see. Well, at least the PS3 isn't selling all that well in Japan eh?

    Next thing you know this 360 stuff will be delayed again and we can start rumors of it's cancellation.... ;-)

  10. AndyC


    So what?

    <before we go on, yes I am a psTriple GTA owner and I had the choice>

    It tickles me how people buy a game, complete it (for the most part) then think "Hey I know, lets pay and play more story that has been shoe-horned in after I already know what has will be happening!"

    But meh, I cant complain, in all fairness, I bought the Mass Effect addon but in fairness, was only halfway through the game when I did :)

    Ps owners in EU should be more upset by the RockBand treatment by ea... *adds flames to the fire*

  11. Anonymous Coward


    They can be as amused as they want, it's still coming. Sony still can't their finger out and sort the online service for the PS3 yet.

    Sorry Sony/PS fanboys and girls. MS/Xbox is still leagues ahead of the George Foreman Grill with intergrated Blu-ray!

  12. Alex
    Paris Hilton

    ... No matter

    It's not like the game is small anyway. Added 'islands' later in the year will add a bit more playability to it, but not for long. Well, not after nearly 7 months of the game being out. We'll be all on to the next new thing.

    KILLZONE 2 :oD

    Paris? Because she can can come to me in 7 months, anytime!

  13. jai


    yes you are

  14. Dale Morgan

    its their screw up

    Ive got GTA IV, ive completed the storyline and now its sitting on the shelf gathering dust because theres nothing else to do with it, Rockstars choice to delay the release of the DLC is their mistake, by november i'll have spore and the force unleashed, i wont be interested in buying the DLC for a game i'd long forgotten about.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Seems par for the course

    GTA4 was supposed to come out 6 months before it did. Little wonder the DLC is coming late.

    As for anyone who says the PS3 online has problems, what are they? I connect (for free mind you) then I play. I am failing to see how its been a failure? Maybe I expect too little?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Delays? *shrug*

    As has already been mentioned, delays will happen. The 360 will still be getting DLC and the PS3 still won't.

    As for 360 owners getting the "inferior" version of GTAIV, well, if "inferior" means that it doesn't require a mandatory 10 minute installation, has online that actually worked straight out of the box without the need for patches, works with all variations of the console and has extra content on the way, then I am perfectly happy with the so-called "inferior" version. :)

  17. Alistair MacRae
    Thumb Down

    I have GTA4 on both consoles and I perfer the 360

    I have GTA4 on both consoles and I perfer the 360 when i play it online.

    I timed the loading of both consoles on GTA4 and they load at EXACTLY the same speed.

    I have both version coz i couldn't get a 360 version at launch.

    Fat lot of good it did me as it crashed all the time till the patch came out.

    The ps3 controller was really hard to use when you try to target manually.

    Since i got my PS3 i just haven't properly used it unless you count watching I am Legend, Sweeny Todd and Cloverfield.

  18. paul

    @AC whats wrong with PSN?

    Its not great - but is more than adequate for what I want. To play games online. COD4 rocks.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who cares?

    Xbox is last years news. Everything worthwhile is coming to PS3 this year. It's got all the desirable exclusives, and it's now exceeding the 360 in terms of quality on multi-platform games.

    The sad fact is, the limitations of the 360's mostly last-gen tech, is what is holding back the PS3 when it comes to multi-platform titles.

    However, as the 360 has less and less a hold on the market, developers will be less afraid of spliting their development, and delivering bigger better versions of the game on PS3, without the constraints of having to support DVD9 and HDD-less 360's

  20. Abe


    "However, as the 360 has less and less a hold on the market, developers will be less afraid of spliting their development, and delivering bigger better versions of the game on PS3"

    That comment could not be better timed. I mean only moments before EA offically announced how they are no longer developing a certain game on the PS3 but only the 360 and PC.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    This game is so overrated!

    What exactly are the extras? lol (Some crappy backgrounds and a few more repetative levels). I have GTA 4 and played it for 2-3 days before it bored the hell out of me. Its pratically identical to the last 3 games they churned out and everyone else who i have asked thought the same. Rockstar have lost it.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    one for the fanbois

    Read this articles and then realise the fact that the processor they are talking about is the one in the PS3...

    now tell me how much more advanced and better the xbox360 is.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    @Another Microsoft scam?

    Mark, mark, mark.

    Same shit, different day.

    Yawn. These posts are awful!

  24. David
    Dead Vulture

    Yawn. More GTA.

    To be honest after spending 40 odd hours playing the same drive here - shoot him - run from the police missions i would not want DL content. Least not in 6 months time, and would definitely not pay for it. In 6 months time Ill still be playing Metal Gear.

    Anyone else think the same?

  25. Mike Dyne
    Thumb Down

    GTA IV

    Well, I own this game, and the only thing I have to say is meh.

    I can't be bothered with it. I don't want to have a girlfriend. I don't want to go drinkning with mates. I just don't care.

    The gameplay itself is nothing new at all.

    Honestly, I play Geometry Wars on my 360 more than GTA IV.

  26. Simon Painter

    PS3 Fanbois?

    They have PS3 fanbois now? You mean there are actually people who are dumb enough to own a PS3? Are these the same people who were sucked into iPods, Macs and other overpriced crap or are they the same people who obsess about niche freeware tat like Linux? The way I see it you have to be one or the other to earn the title of "fanboi".

    Either way I guess you have some pent up anger issues you need to resolve. Are you upset because your daddy's didn't buy you a betamax when you were a kid?

  27. Mark
    Dead Vulture

    Anyone notice?

    Now that it transpires that the 360 got the crappy version of the game, suddenly it's now a 40hour bore, and there are far better things out there... LOL, had it been the other way round, GTA IV would have been the great things since sliced bread, in the eyes of the Xbots..

    I think that how it works, if the game sucks on the 360, move on to hyping the next game, and pretend you lever liked it or wanted it anyway...

  28. Iain

    Re: Anyone notice?

    That's someone else pretending to be Mark for a laugh, surely?

    "I think that how it works, if the game sucks [...] move on to hyping the next game, and pretend you lever liked it or wanted it anyway..."

    Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Haze.

    GTA remains very similiar on both consoles, and a perfectly good game wherever you play it. Spending time arguing about filtering quality vs. resolution is quite incredibly childish.

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