back to article Cavalcade of privacy watchdogs bark for data pimping probe

Fifteen privacy watchdogs - yes, fifteen - have tossed a letter at Congress, urging the House Telecommunications Subcommittee to hold public hearings on the use of so-called behavioral ad serving technologies. They want further scrutiny of ISPs pimping customer data to the likes of Phorm, NebuAd, and Front Porch. Addressed to …


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  1. Joe K
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    Leave it to the yanks to get litigous, more than all the humming and haaaaing thats happened over here since the Reg brought it up.

    Hopefully the lawyers will put the brakes on this whole practise and Phorm will disappear up its own arse to escape the jackals.

  2. Herby

    Congress doing something "right"? I'm shocked!!

    For once our esteemed legislators might be doing "the right thing" in bringing these people in to "explain" (as in "Lucy, you got some 'plaining to do!") their actions. For me, the sooner the better!

    Then ask the FBI why they aren't looking into criminal actions! (I wish!!).

    Hopefully this will engage the "clue stick" we have all been wanting to use!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yapping poodles... we need a rotweiler

    Can't help thinking these are all poodles yapping. They're nibbling away at Chunky Bites Dog food when there's steak right there.

    Who cares about a few IP addresses by one company when a bunch a creeps hired by politicians are deep mining your communications? I suspect a lot of them are glad of the diversion. Hey, sure we're deep mining your communications despite the laws saying we can't, but hey Phorm!

    Look at the recent two privacy issues, Sweden Anders Wik, there's a back story there, a decent attack dog could get to it. That computer the defense dept ordered just SCREAMS data mining, and Anders practically fessed up that they were already doing it. The lack of a free vote tells you they can't afford a free vote. Chomp! Yum Steak! The bureaucrats comments show they're not happy, even as the politicians stuff the sausage machine. But there's steak there, not sausage. Go on the attack, I reckon they've been mining already and they know it ain't legal.

    Then there's the German law. It was announced on the back of Sweden's story, safety in numbers. Look at the nature of the man pushing it. A cripple, has special cripple status, can't be criticized too much, but he's wrong on soooo many things. Wants to kill people but can't understand why they wanted to kill him. Doesn't understand why we have courts and due process and protections, he's even done the implausible 'terrorists with nukes' scare stories. He's wayyyy out on a limb there.

    Look at how the EFF went after the telecoms companies and they sh*t themselves, realized they didn't receive warrants, were all breaking the law, and could face jail time. Retroactive immunity screams desperate moves.

    So, even though there's all these privacy black spots going on in the world and it looks like Europe's privacy directive is in shreds, this is what it's always like just before a storm ends and the sky clears.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Oh bullshit...

    They'll figure a way to go around the law, even if they have to turn the screws on the members of congress they have buried in their pockets...


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Something solid about Phorm/BT trials

    sorry if this appeared elsewhere on el reg <>

    Some solid leaked info on BT/phorm trials.


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Spread the word

    The only way that these systems can be stopped is if the masses are aware of them. Come on people, we all have family and friends who annoy us all the time for free tech support.

    Nows the time that we start letting them know, and yes there are people who don't read the Reg.

    Paris because she's an expert at spreading.. em... the word.

  7. RW

    Another corporate lie

    "Charter takes the responsibility of protecting its customers' information seriously,"

    Where do they find these lying weasels they call "spokesmen"?

    The list of professional liars grows:

    1. Politicians

    2. Marketing types

    3. "Spokesmen" and other PR types

    Could lies like the one quoted be treated as false advertising and prosecuted?

    Flame because I for one am very very tired of these fascist corporations thinking that increasing shareholder value is adequate justification for unethical, immoral, lying behavior.


    The 14,000 privacy watchdogs in the UK bark

    Only 15 privacy watchdogs in the USA?

    We've got 13,974... 13,975... 13,976... nearly 14 ***thousand*** of the smartest privacy watchdogs on the planet petitioning the UK Government.

    Only twenty four chances left to say "my name is in the first 14 thousand"!

  9. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    Pro file

    What are the profiles they look for when they want these sort of people? And where can I get a list of qualifications for these secret service jobs such as water applications information officer?

    Renditions flights controls~ officer, liason officer, route planner, resuscitator.

  10. Spleen

    Probably not a good idea, to be honest

    They might get lucky with the choice of senators, but in the end, if you tell the government "ISPs are installing a system which lets them see every action their customer takes on the web, including web-based email", their response will be not

    "This breaks privacy laws, we'd better prosecute them"


    "Wow, we want some of that data too"

    and inevitably

    "How long would it take to draw up legislation to make this system compulsory for all ISPs?"

    If I could go back in time and give orders to the anti-phormites, it would be this: "Switch ISP as soon as possible, tell everyone you know to do the same, but keep very, very quiet about it. Don't even talk about this system if you think so much as a council office typist might overhear." Bit late now, of course.

  11. James Butler
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    @I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects Click the link to apply for employment ...

    Excellent! 14,000 individuals on your side, 15 national organizations on this side, each with thousands of members and affiliations with a combined total of dozens of other like-minded groups. We're well on our way to squeaking loud enough to be heard. Now if only the other several million would join the noise ...

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