back to article US FTC cracks open anti-trust investigation on Intel

The US Federal Trade Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation into Intel, a move that brings mounting scrutiny on Chipzilla's pricing strategy and other business practices. In the past few days, AMD, Intel and several of their customers in the personal-computer industry have received subpoenas issued in the …


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  1. Walter Brown

    Its about time!

    Its about time the US gets on the ball! This should have happened years ago!

  2. Simpson

    on the fence

    While I favor the little guy, I am on the fence on this one.

    For AMD: Dell would not offer AMD for a long time, even though AMD had superior products; The biggie: MS did not release a 64-bit 386 OS until Intel had their 64-bit chips ready to ship.

    For Intel: Intel had a better product for a long time. It takes a while to build trust and market share, and it takes a while to piss it away too; AMD increased market share, when they had a better product.

    I can understand Dell's long term position on AMD. As the lone Intel Only large provider, the could us the AMD hammer on Intel pricing. I would have done it myself, on a weekly basis.

    But you could never 'splain to me why the 64-bit Windows took so long to ship. Why it needed to wait for 64-bit intel chips. Most of the other software and OS vendors converted easily, and MS had already ported to 64-bit Itanium without too much trouble. The release of 64-bit Windows appeared to be delayed until Intel was ready to compete. I will have a problem with that one, when I am on the jury in June of 2023.

  3. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    >on the fence

    They don't have a reasonable 32 bit OS yet, what on earth are you talking about 64 bit OSs?

  4. Slaine

    64... 32 bit OS?

    c'mon guys, windows is a 2-bit operating system.

  5. Daryl Caudill

    Intel is scum

    It's about time!

    Our corporate policy is never buy Intel again.

    What did it for me, was when non-profit OLPC invited Intel to join them in the $100 laptop project. Intel pretended to go along with it, then they went behind OLPC's back, contacted heads of countries OLPC was negotiating with, and tried to sell the Intel Classmate laptop instead, saying it's better than the OLPC. Intel and Microsoft actively worked against OLPC to steal their customers! I was abhorred Intel would screw a non-profit organization, just for profit. I was so disgusted and angered by this, that I declared we will never buy Intel again.

    I hope AMD lasts, and stays better than Intel. We only buy AMD from now on.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    you guys believe too much of what you read on the internet. If you really dug more into what is really happening you'll realize that there are no "victims" here, just sore losers. AMD and OLPC are just a bunch of whiners that think the world should march to their door and offer their support. Negroponte may be able to run an MIT lab but he knows very little about building ecosystems or even pedagogy. read this Businessweek article for a better view: Up till now the press has been eating up Negroponte's bs and propaganda. Life is not so simple to just give a PC to someone. That's like saying, "I have a great idea, let's give a car to everyone! That'll be great" Umm roads, driver training, car maintenance. The big problems are not as easy to solve but unfortunately there's a sucker born every minute.

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