back to article BOFH: Dealing with engineers

It seems the cunning machinations from last week have come to no avail - someone at the coloured pencil office still wants the PFY to give them a hand installing some macintoshes. "I hate going to see the designers," the PFY whines. "They're a bunch of overfed smelly beatniks who think that buying expensive desktops makes …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Excellent Simon as always

    Had one of those RPITA in recently, just wish I had dealt as effectively with him. Ah well, theres always next time....

  2. Shriphani Palakodety
    Thumb Up


    Cool stuff. The description of the RPITA Engineer rocked!

  3. Tim
    Paris Hilton

    Just one thing...

    Who got zapped? I thought the engineer left with the designer? I'm coming over a bit Paris!

  4. Rosuav


    I'm just wondering what happens when the remains of the guy sent upstairs (remains? Yeah. After he's dealt with Mac people for a while, his brains will be mush) come downstairs again. What suitable demise will be arranged for him?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    AAH! My Friday is complete

    Here I sit working from home, a ciggie one side a large mug of 'tea' on the other and reading Simon's latest offering. Bliss!

    @Tim The IT director go zapped by the way

    AC for obvious reasons

  6. Rhyd


    The IT director.

    P.S. Why don't the BOFH articles show in the RSS feed? Did the PFY hide them so the boss won't find out?

  7. Stu Pid
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    New certificate...

    Loving the RPITA, perhaps that should be a new accreditation.

    Stuart Pid RPITA ACDT CCNA

  8. Guy

    Why not on the front page?

    I was concerned that Simon was taking a holiday or something, I had to go to the BOFH section to find this story.

    Why wasn't it on the front page where it belongs?

    Are you trying to censor the BOFH? Well Fu <Slam>

    Alien head because they tried to hide the aliens, but we found them too...

  9. Starduster

    Not Engineer

    It wasn't the engineer who got zapped -- it was the IT Director!

  10. Mike Smith
    Jobs Horns

    Sounds like there's an opening for the BDFH

    The Bastard Developer From Hell.

    Who should be given the job of writing the Mac OS for beatnik central.

    Heh heh heh.

  11. Pete
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    @ Tim

    The IT director. Or rather, the ex-IT director!

  12. Dalen
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    Well, finally.

    I was starting to miss electrocutions already.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Most excellent

    Pure genius.

  14. Stuart
    Gates Halo

    Absolutely f...<slam> incredible

    Just to start some good ole commentary wars----> This is the BEST BOFH ever!!!! The Mac put downs are the only reason that Billy has achieved sanctity:-) I would like to see some more Linux zealousy in PFY just for fun so I could walk the penguin instead:-) -There needs to be a goods rude synonym about walking the penguin- put PFY on it stat:-)

    once again - the best!!!- c'mon beat up on ole Stuey 'ere I'll even stand still for ya:-)

  15. Colin

    @ By Mike Smith

    "Sounds like there's an opening for the BDFH"

    Aren't they all working for "Saint Jobs" already?

    I'm sure I saw something about that some place.............

  16. Anonymous Coward

    That reminded me

    Of a long time ago in another life when I was a contractor testing my company's equipment in a phone exchange which had mains all earthed together but the mains earth didn't go anywhere so was floating. And an item of my test equipment had an earth leak so half a dozen rack mains earths went to 240V. And the joy of remembering the clerk of works jumping 3 feet into the air when he touched my metal trolley with rubber wheels !

  17. Jonathan


    It's a twofold upset for the PFY and myself...

    should be

    It's a twofold upset for the PFY and me...

    For ghod's sake, if the English can't our common grammar right, we're all doomed.


    an American

  18. J
    Paris Hilton


    "and maybe they should have turned the power off first..."

    Liked that one... :-D

  19. Nathanael Bastone
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    Nice one!

    I am LOVING this relocation plot, it has some fantastic opportunities!

  20. Jamie Kephalas


    Please tell me he took the lift. :)

  21. Chris Peschke


    All the feed that you'll ever need...

  22. Chad H.


    Simon apparently asked el reg to remove bofh from the rss feeds some time ago... No idea why.

  23. Daniel


    Simon's not British.

  24. Gordon Grant


    Genius, RPITA engineers are a bind nice dispatch, So what's going to happen to the "remains" of the now ex-IT director and the RPITA? Now didn't Simon put in some "live" flooring next to the design team for random fun - "web cam linked" :> oh wait maybe not but that would be fun - a new meaning to the word remote desking..

  25. Dave

    How about...

    I'm sure one of those designers can come up with a reason for needing OS/2 installed as dual-boot on his Mac. If they can do it with Windows, why not another x86 operating system?

  26. Jan Buys


    @ the RPITA engineers description

  27. Chika

    What next?

    I'm just waiting to see what our pimply friend will do about the beatnik brigade. A fake phone filter and a RPITA engineer just doesn't seem like enough, and the PFY has a genius tag to live up to!

  28. Michael Carter


    Hmm, never met a 'real engineer'

  29. skeptical i
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    worth the price of admission ...

    ... for this line -- "I mean who the hell sharpens the blades on a bloody cooling fan!" -- alone (coffeesplatter 1, keyboard 0). The fact that RPITA looks like it should be pronounced "repeata'" (i.e., 'repeater' with whatever accent loses terminal R's) in keeping with the definition is bonus gravy.

  30. tony trolle

    some of us

    like the power on (or the lead in) but these damm new boxes (atx ) have to cheat with a dummy lead with only the earth/ground connected.

  31. Rhyd

    @Chris Peschke

    A belated thank you....

    Thank you.

  32. pctechxp

    Very good

    if only one could get away with such things in real life.....(cackles)

    Another masterpiece, keep up the good work Simon.

  33. Nick Pettefar

    Bah, Humbug.

    "They're quite prepared to lift the cover on something, pull the memory out, hold the memory in their mouth while they bend a couple of heatsinks out of the way looking for a loose wire, shove the memory back in the slot, reseat it with a small amount of pressure, a medium amount of pressure, a large amount of pressure, then realise it's in the wrong way and repeat the pressure install method, shut the cover then realise they've been working on the wrong machine the whole time - and maybe they should have turned the power off first..."

    Sounds very familiar - like me on a bad day!

    Still, you've got to have a go, haven't you!

    Still upset about the Mac dissing. After all, it runs Unix natively, that's got to be good for some brownie points.

    Mutter, mumble, grumble. Must get the dither valve re-aligned...

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @ The American

    Ahem... "It's a twofold upset for the PFY and me..."

    Negative on that red leader. The correct grammar is actually "It's a twofold upset for the PFY and I."

    I love it when people correcting people are wrong, don't you?

  35. Chika

    @Nick Pettefar

    Everyone gets their fair turn at being dissed. A few issues back, it was the RISC OS folk. I don't see why we should get all the crap!

  36. IcerG


    Any chance of hotlinking some of these acronyms ie : BOFH, PFY, RPITA to an explanation, i mean WTF does KZZZERT mean......

  37. Glyn Heatley


    Kzzzzzert is the noise you get when you hold a live power cable wire in one hand whilst standing in a bucket of water.

    Go on, try it.

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