back to article Drugs, hookers and cranked customers: Ex-Broadcom boss indicted

More proof arrives today that we should have befriended the folks at Broadcom in the early part of this decade. Broadcom co-founder and former CEO Henry Nicholas has been indicted on charges unsealed today of illegal stock-option backdating, which resulted in the largest financial restatement (a write down of $2.2bn in profits …


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  1. tuna
    Paris Hilton

    Shock & Awe, Cowboy!

    What a proud day for corporate cowboys everywhere. I wonder if they were flying w/ Kenny and GW when the pilots flew too high.

    Paris, cuz she's a Corporate Cowgrrrl.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    "much less how it aides in making a semiconductor sale when a person has a sudden uncontrollable fascination with their zipper."

    Speaking from experience, are we?

  3. Calyth

    Explains why so many laptop company use their wireless chips

    Broadcom chips always caused problems for the non-Windows users, and this can probably explain why all these company bought their shit....

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Given the effects of X

    That huge sometimes puke inducing rush makes me doubt the effectiveness of any spiked drinks, honestly I think they would be frightened out of their minds by the experience. I think the government is going to have an unpleasant experience with this one it sounds like bullshit to me.

  5. Graham Marsden

    What no...

    ... accusations of kiddie porn or being a member of Al Qaeda?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Lucky for him...

    ..drugs are easy to get in prison.

  7. Andrew Tyler


    What's the difference between paying someone bribes to not divulge your drug habits and paying someone blackmail not to divulge your drug habits? Which one is illegal and who is breaking the law?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Remember the corporate mantra

    Diversify, diversify diversify... Chips, nips, drugs, thugs, mickey's and quickies... You gotta hand it to him for keeping his folks entertained...

  9. Bruce Sinton
    Paris Hilton

    Title - Anonymous Coward

    My Zipper is always ready for action.

    An icon that is appropriate .

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Extasy is an empathy drug

    It would probably swing the sale every time :)

    Well that's an idea isn't it. If the amounts were kept low, and the XTC was relatively pure, the rushing shouldn't happen.

    Though, was he playing deep jungle techno house in the background, and did hedon a pair of white luminous gloves, then hand out the glo sticks smeared with vics vapour rub, whilst saying 'Eat 'Em Up Yum Yum'; that would have been the give away.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    A little dab'll do ya

    Spiking a drink with XTC needn't involve a dose so high as to be obvious. Just a little is enough for commercial ends, just enough to slightly loosen your inhibitions and cause you to think "gee, that guy next to me is s-u-c-h a warm, friendly, caring human, I think I'll buy chips from him."

    Heart in honor of the love drug

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I can picture it in the jet now.

    "One incident alleges Nicholas and others smoked so much marijuana during a flight on his private plane between Orange County and Las Vegas that the pilot had to put on an oxygen mask."

    Pilot: Jesus, who top loaded this sonofabitch? I feel like I'm gonna throw a whitey, I need some oxygen.

    Passengers: Wussy!!

    Pilot: Aah, that's better. Better skin up another I spose, then off to check on the autopilot.

  13. Steven Raith


    Clearly some people have never had their drinks spiked!

    I only realised that many years ago I had some E put in a drink wihtout me realising when, years later, I tried it for the 'first' time and realised that I had those warm fuzzy feelings before.

    Mind you, the tooth grinding and manic, inane chattering [and noted obsession with random objects] means that I didn't do it again.

    That, and the fact that I woke up in the secure car park of a pharmaceuticals company with no idea how I got there. The security guards weren't sure either. They just kindly asked me to leave.

    Has to be said [and getting back on topic] what sort of idiot writes invoices for gear? Any fool know that when dabbling in illegal stuff, a paper trail of any kind is a bad, bad thing.

    Steven R

  14. Craig
    Thumb Up

    What a legend!

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, how funny is this!

    This guy is now a hero of mine - I would be awesome to work for someone like that!

  15. Scott


    Bugger should of gone to that Broadcom seminar the company where tring to book me on. I can just see it now my manager askng me what the conference was like "it was eye popping good, but i'm on a downer now i'm back to work"

  16. Dave
    Thumb Up

    And we have a winner!

    Surely El-Regs Playmobil department could provide photographic evidence of these activities. Especially the drugs, and the airplane?

  17. Andy Hards


    I don't see him getting all pissed when you're 5 mins late back from lunch.

    Good ole boy!

  18. Robin

    Was Henry Nicholas a fan of Abba?....

    Or is there another reason there's a picture of Abba band member Agnetha with this story?

  19. HFoster


    As mentioned already, a papertrail for drugs? Really? Nobody else smell manure in here?

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Say what you like, he isn't boring

    Living proof that you can make a few billion whilst being mashed out of your head.

  21. Steven Raith


    Unless they were going through so much chaz, whizz and smileys that it made sense to claim it back as a business expense?

    Makes the old BOFH Breek and Sprots scrawled in crayon on the expense sheets look a bit amateurish, eh?

    Steven R

  22. Mark


    Hey, are you trying to show there's a government conspiracy here!

  23. Paul Anderson



  24. Solomon Grundy


    I think we all agree that the invoicing drugs bit is probably bunk, but even if it's not, and some fool was actually invoicing illegal drugs, what dealer will except a P.O.? Do you reckon they got 30 day terms, or maybe they got 60 since they were such good clients.

  25. Blockhead

    Dude, that's impressive

    Flying time from Orange County to Lost Wages is about 35 minutes. They smoked up the plane that quickly? Perhaps attempting to recreate an old Cheech and Chong movie.

  26. Duncan Hothersall

    Drugs invoices

    I bet they mean expense claims, not invoices. And I bet they will be able to prove the sum total of fuck all from them.

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Flowers for the model

    The invoices thing sounds believable to me. In the fashion industry it's standard procedure to put drug costs down as money spent on "flowers for the model". I guess the tax man could ask to see receipts, but the assumption is that money supposedly spent on food, drink and flowers is too trivial to care about.

  28. Jesse

    RE:Dude, that's impressive

    Dude, the air in an aircraft is mostly recycled.

    I'm sure the first whiff the pilot got of a substance that would either lose him his license or his ability to sharply control the craft, he donned the mask.

    The article in question was probably overdramatizing it.

  29. Daniel B.

    Why drink and drive...

    "One incident alleges Nicholas and others smoked so much marijuana during a flight on his private plane between Orange County and Las Vegas that the pilot had to put on an oxygen mask."

    Why drink and drive, when you can smoke and fly? I had never seen someone actually *doing* that!

  30. Trevor

    Invoicing was the PHB in him

    He had to invoice so he knew the employees weren't on the take. He had a business to run.

  31. Steven Raith

    smoke and fly?

    "Why drink and drive, when you can smoke and fly? I had never seen someone actually *doing* that!"

    I have, a Cavalier GSi 2000 isn't fun with a pothead at the wheel in the pissing rain at 90mph on a single track road!

    Steven "dark history" Raith

  32. Rich
    Paris Hilton

    Shades of the late Chris Dawes

    Founder of Micromuse, and the only person to fatally write off a McLaren F1. While on coke charges. The story that he had two 16-year old girls in the car was apparently apocryphal.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    Obsession with objects

    Dunno how they make E over in the states, but I don't recall ever having been obsession with any objects here in the UK apart from those attached to female clubbers...

    The most classic side effect I will always remember is an uncontrollable urge to move in time with any rhythmic sound - a bunch of us found ourselves in a friends kitchen 'the morning after' making 'come-down tea' ... and realised we were all bopping to the same rapid but unheard beat. The beat turned out to be the almost subliminal ticking of the clock on the stove!

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