back to article BEA AquaLogic SOA business dismantled

BEA Systems' AquaLogic service oriented architecture (SOA) business, assembled through a multi-million dollar M&A splurge, is being dismantled it seems. The Register has learned from individuals close to the company that BEA's new owner Oracle is merging the AquaLogic and WebLogic professional service teams. Oracle is also …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    SOA what

    SOA is a different way to present what we have always done as developers anyway, like WEB2.0.

    Try implementing SOA without any process tools, oops a bit stuck are we?

    Welcome to um 1998 :)

    About time Oracle seen sense.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    More than BEA ever did....

    so far from what I have seen, Oracle have done way more than BEA ever did to integrate the teams and products. It was never a secret that you could draw a line down the middle of the office where Plumtree/Fuego employees were vs BEA employees. If anything this will be a better deal for the ALUI folks as they will not be sidelined in the future.

    I for one as a customer will not miss the complexity of dealing with one sales team from one side and then another consulting team from another. HEADACHES! Especially when you are lead to believe its one company.

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