back to article Sun stretches for Flash dance

Sun Microsystems is completely smitten by Flash memory technology. The company today has vowed to start rolling out Flash-based products by the second quarter of 2008, and plans to offer SSDs in its entire server lineup in only two years time. Of course, Sun isn't the only data center vendor talking about adopting the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    What 'bout that ...

    new memory technology mentioned in the last few weeks?

    (Something about retaining stuff during power downs)

  2. Dunstan Vavasour


    So with the rotating brown stuff X4500 at 48TB for 4U of space, will there be a flash memory version packing in even more?

    Alternatively, would we see a huge layer of flash memory between server and SAN acting as a write through cache? Could give a big boost to read-only or read-mostly performance.

  3. MarmiteToast


    Sun could probably replace all their hard drives, like capacity for like, with flash based technology and still have a healthy profit margin on their hardware.

  4. gizmo



    Have you looked at Sun's prices lately???

    Appears not. Take a look, list price is just that.

  5. stizzleswick
    Thumb Up

    @Marmite Toast

    Well, if you're going to buy from Sun Service (in Europe, that is), it's your own lookout and bankruptcy... you can get original, fully warrantied Sun hardware in other places for roundabout 1/4th the price tag, probably even less in some places.

    @gizmo: Sun's "official" price list for replacement parts is still abominably overpriced for direct customers. I agree that new stuff is rather more moderately priced. Plus, of course, most replacement parts can be obtained through channels at even below that list price.

  6. Henry

    margins redux

    I can purchase a 16GB USB flash drive for $20 but a 16GB SSD costs $200-$600. I think someone is handing up a load of crap over the real cost to manufacture SSDs.

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