back to article Disconnected O2 punters to lose connections again

UK operator O2 has admitted a power failure yesterday cut off customers in an area east of Edinburgh, and could do so again this evening while a permanent solution is installed. The failure was due to a faulty power supply unit involved in base stations east of the city and down to the borders. Many customers were able to get …


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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Oz child-murdering environazis

    So, why's there no comment link on the next story along in my RSS reader (the fantastic news that Australian kids are being encouraged to top themselves in order to save the home-knitted yoghurt)? Could it be the same reason there's no "rate this story" widget over there? Enquiring AGW-fascists would like to know...

  3. N

    @ Rik

    And a faulty PS on the mobile phone network side of things has got what to do with ADSL?. 02 ADSL2+ ( via Be) not heard about the performance of the BT ADSL max products yet, is excellent, giving great speeds and reliablity. I imagine they will be just as good as if not better than Zen. Dont let this isolated and unrelated issue put you off one of the best ADSL2+ offerings around imo.

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  5. Andy Tyzack
    Paris Hilton


    why do people moan about a few hours when their mobile phone goes off, im damned sure its on 99.9% the rest of time time.

    paris, because she knows how to get a grip!

  6. JB


    The Scots expect a few problems due to weather damage - (they choose to live there)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Bad Weather?

    Someone was probably drunk, and sick on it.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    a colleague who just ran away from the telecom world told me that current BTS are being installed without UPS in order to save on installation costs. The reasoning is that commercial power is so highly available that the UPS is hardly needed. Would any UK BTS techie care to comment on the current UK GSM/3G node UPS policy? IMHO the UPS'less policy is not taking the decline and fall of our critical power infrastructure into account, or maybe it is? O2 might have big uninterruptible ones or they may not.

    (my info is from Italy) David

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