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The UK Ministry of Defence has published its first consultation on the huge quantity of radio spectrum it has unfettered access to, though it turns out the usage isn't as exclusive as it first appeared. The Cave report: an analysis of how radio spectrum is used in the UK, identified 23 bands that are allocated to the MOD, and …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Godisagoddess ur2die4

    "which is why 2.7 – 3.1GHz isn't going to be publicly traded any time soon." Which would suggest that its Satellite Program Controls are AI Private Concern....... which they are, Publicly and Transparently Downloaded and Traded for Guidance.

    A Civil CyberSpace Program for All? Go On, Spoil Yourselves. ImaginaNation Provided.

  2. John Arthur

    re: Godisagoddess ur4die4

    I read the title of the first comment and just had to click on it to make sure it was from amanfromMars!

  3. Richard

    I don't trust Ofcom!

    For a long time I've been concerned about the 430-440MHz secondary allocation to the Amateur Radio service and how long we will actually keep hold of it. According to the UK Defence Spectrum Consultation, It looks like the 430 - 450MHz spectrum is likely to be scrutinised sometime after 2012 which is extremeiy concerning.

    I have the feeling that Ofcom have been rubbing their grubby little mitts together for a very long time, waiting to flog it off and make a pile of cash. I started to smell a rat when Ofcom decided to not charge for an Amateur Radio license, effectively taking away any lobbying potential that we had. We have already had Short Range Devices allocated spectrum in the band which have been causing interference to some fixed base repeater systems, but I can see this as a potential nail in the coffin of Amateur Radio use in the UHF spectrum. There has already been a furore over the 10GHz selloff, but the Radio Society of Great Britain seem to not be fighting the corner of the Amateur Radio fraternity and seem to be rolling over. I can see the same thing happening over 430-440MHz..

    Looks like I for one won't be settting up for Moonbounce on 70cms...

  4. pctechxp


    Are you drunk or just mad?

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