back to article Intel releases 'Diamondville' Atom CPU

Intel has begun shipping its 'Diamondville' Atom processor - the incarnation of the CPU series aimed at Small, Cheap Computers™ rather than mobile internet devices, which were the subject of April's original Atom launch. As anticipated, Diamondville has been realised as two 22mm² chips: the N270 and the 230, the former for …


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  1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    How would airport security respond...

    to an Atom(ic)-powered notebook?

    Let's hope Intel never uses U235 as its chip designation

    Mine's the one with the radiation-hazard symbol

  2. paul brain


    This is the point where I am tempted to replace my eeePC 701 with an Atom based version. Never saw the point with the latest 900 model, it was just the same thing with a larger display and more on-board flash than I needed.

    If there is a performance boost with longer battery life and a decent resolution screen, I'll pay the extra and continue my love affair with the diminutive bundle of joy. ( However, I have a roaming eye )

    We've been awaiting this processor for some time now, 2.5w, 1.6GHz, it had better live up to expectations and flood the market with low cost, long battery life 'netbooks'

    Small, cheap and cheerful, with a nice looking model on the beach, That's all I ask for.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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