back to article AMD manages to ship 'Budapest' for single socket boxes

AMD's four-core chip aimed at single socket servers has finally made its way to market. The company today heralded the release of "Budapest." The chip will fit into single processor servers from the usual suspects and be sold under the 1300 Series brand. AMD once looked to get Budapest out "in the second half of 2007," but …


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  1. E

    Shoulda said 'squeeze'

    My goodness, someone send AMD a huge tube of Preparation H!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Intel trounced as IT fails to pounce on Virtual Alliances/Rock Standards.

    So AMD have Barcelona and Budapest and for some XXXXotic Processing, Bulawayo for the Victoria Falls Sunny Rock Crowd?

    Go AMD Go ........ who needs a Supercomputer whenever the Chip contains ITs Brains. After all, the Chips are the Computers that run the GUI machine which conceals and protects the Computer Chips/AIdDesigners running the Virtual Machine/Global Programming.

    Remove a CPU/GPU chip and the Computer is just so much Junk Hardware and worth Zilch, if it cannot run with New Brains/BetaChips and Drivers, all of which are IP Disciplines and nothing more or less ...... Intellectually Provided, so are available for Deployment at any Time after Unveiling.

  3. Doug Lynn

    Way to Go AMD!

    HI, glad to hear it, Intel still has got no discrete 4 core out yet!!! Ha!!! AMD, yes small but innovative!!! By the way the Man from Mars, what the heck are you talking about?

  4. Glenn

    aMan from TuRing

    Doug, don't talk to the martian, he's just a computer.

  5. kain preacher

    @Doug Lynn

    Its a test. If you under stand him and admit to it, the men in the white coats will pick you up.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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