back to article Panic attack brings down Russian nuke pages

This story was updated to correct the name of the researcher. Reports last week of a coordinated attack on websites that provide Russians with advance notice of nuclear accidents appear to be unfounded, a security researcher says. Instead, he says an outage of the emergency information system likely collapsed under a crush of …


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  1. IR

    Time to prepare

    At least they know in advance that they can't handle realistic levels of people checking, so they can upgrade before/if anything real happens in the future.

  2. The Reg-ular
    Paris Hilton

    Cover up

    Russian citizens are sensitive to this. Maintaining access to live radiation level readings is Russian law. That law was made to help prevent another Soviet-style cover-up like that of the the 1975 leak. Any lack of data can be seen as a cover-up and possible violation of this law and its mandate.

    It seems that instead of covering up a real leak, they are covering up the fact that there was simple failure of the systems for which they're responsible. The officials still maintain that it was a coordinated hacker attack.

    Paris, because the Handicam Niteshot mode makes her glow like spent fuel rods.

  3. james marley
    Black Helicopters

    Are you sure?

    The website provides you "with advance notice of nuclear accidents ". That sounds to me like those accidents are planned therefore not accidents.

  4. Jon


    Surely there is no real way to see a difference between a ddos and a large proprtion of russians desperatly trying to access the website, therfore they would have evidence of some possible form of cyber attack. If it were a cover up they would simply supply madeup data.

  5. Simon Neill

    If in doubt...

    Paint yourself white to reflect the blast.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    In Russia

    In Russia you don't monitor radiation, radiation monitors you.

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