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Hands-free headsets are a boon for mobile users. Not only can you pretend to be Lieutenant Uhura, but you can write while you're on the blower or drive more safely. And legally. Last year, Aliph released the Jawbone, a Bluetooth headset that was different from most earlier devices because it was sufficiently stylish for you …


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  1. Stuart


    and here I was hoping it would transmit the sound of the incoming call through your jawbone so you could hear it....

    Not as cool as I had first thought when I read the title.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    > sensor that rests on your cheek and can feel your actual jaw bone vibrate as you talk.

    That would be a microphone, then?

  3. Joe K


    It looks like a cheap handbag.

    What awful shots, they could have shown one of it in use, it looks terrible.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    businessmen - why waste money on these bluetooth headsets? - just cellotape a piece of paper to your back with "look at me everyone. i'm really important and a high-flyer. i'm ready for vital telephone action 24/7!" written on it.

    it's a lot cheaper and will send out *exactly* the same message as walking round asda shouting into a headset about 'flagpoles' 'brainstorming' and 'thousands of k' in a pseudo-american drawl.

  5. Mark Hahn

    it's the call that's unsafe

    it's not the clumsiness of holding up a cellphone that makes calling from the car unsafe. the problem is that the call itself steals enough of your attention that you are no longer a safe driver. please to not give people the mistaken impression that hands-free makes it safe to call while driving!

  6. Brad Hutchings

    Only weenies can't drive and call at the same time

    If the call were unsafe, we'd have more accidents per mile driven in 2008 vs. 1990. We don't. The data that correlates cell phone use with accidents is coincidental, not causal. If you don't understand the difference, you ought not be spouting off on this stuff.

  7. Darren

    Does anyone remember Jabra Headsets???

    In the UK, There used to be Jabra "jelly" headsets, these had a tiny microphone that attached itself to your jawbone, so rather than looking like a call centre operative in your car, you could look like a tw*t in your car instead...

    This is just reinventing the wheel

  8. Rich

    I'll stick to cheap plastic looking ones

    £80 for something that looks like a dog collar and a lead.

  9. Christopher Getner
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    Just returned mine

    I actually had a Jawbone 1.0 before it died at 1 year. I liked it, and I got this hoping it would be even better. No luck. The ear piece is a lot harder to get to fit semi-correctly than the original and the sound quality is terrible. Definitely a step back from the original.

  10. Carl
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    I have to attend a lot of audio conferences, both in the office and from home. The Jawbone 1.0 is perfect as it eliminates any background noise (although you can sound a bit like a Dalek). I even tested it by standing next to an accordion player (he was playing the accordion at the time), and no-one else on the call could hear him.

    However, I am intelligent enough to remove the earpiece and switch it off as soon as my call is over. People who walk around with these on their ears all the time look like twats. And I certainly wouldn't make a business call from Asda!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Get one free...

    I got one in to test, and they are amazing. There's some products that are just better, that you can tell the company really cares about. Dyson is one and for me Aliph (Jawbone) is another - no corner cutting and genuinely innovative tech.

    I'll have to work "Anti-accordian technology" into the copy on our site somewhere now :)

    Paris because she's not averse to commercial enterprises either

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