back to article Low-end EMC NSX is on its way

To better compete with NetApp, EMC is to launch a low-end version of its Celerra NSX NAS gateway product. A NAS (network-attached storage) gateway is a server presenting files to accessing application servers but storing them on a storage area network (SAN), The Celerra NSX (pictured) is a data center-class NAS and IP storage …


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  1. Florian Hwigl

    EMC^2 Appliances...

    Lasst year, i got some old EMC^2 Cellera (super-low-end version) 1U Rackmount and played around with it for a little; it was quite interesting to find the $$$$$ NAS Appliance had PCI DMA Busmastering disabled in its bios...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Return of the Celera SE

    front-end NAS with back end baby Symm ?

    And precisely why would I buy this instead of the NS40 ?

    Blue face, because this is how you feel after buying EMC NAS.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    @ Florian

    On the Data Mover or the Control Station? The control station is just a random Linux box, I/O doesn't go through it.

    The interesting low end Celerra will be the one with a single box, with the control station and data movers in VMs. No idea what the Celerra SE has to do with this...

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