back to article World's first Blu-ray record pressing

It’s usually pop-stars and rock bands that break musical records. But a Norwegian record label has set a new standard for audio pleasure by releasing the world’s first Blu-ray record. bluray_audio Record label 2L promises its Blu-ray record is the ultimate audio experience The HD recording of Norwegian orchestra …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What was the first CD record produced?


  2. Liam
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    ive got a couple of cool DVD disks for 5.1 / DTS but i suppose this will be in much higher quality (24 bit etcand no compression)

    tubular bells and john michelle jarre and both pretty cool to get wasted to on a decent system :)

  3. Monkey

    It'll sounds fantastic but...

    ...I bet any BR audio disks become little more than technical show pieces and obscure talking points when friends come round your house for a meal! I bought plenty of DVD-Audio albums and the equipment to play it properly but to say I was in the minority is an understatement! This will be no different and will suffer in exactly the same way as DVD-A. Even more so no doubt.

    (But lets face it, I'd still probably buy it like most other audio geeks!!)

  4. Anonymous Coward


    If only i had 5 ears...

  5. Anonymous Coward


    The first availble CD was I believe was an ABBA ablbum followed by a load of classicalones. I belive the 1st non classical mass release in the uk was Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits, a CD I bought only 3 months after release.

    In fact I ripped it to MP3 only yesterday.

    yeah to CD's

    JM Jarre in 5.1 is superb.

  6. adnim

    First CD record...

    Was I believe Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms".

    Pink Floyd's DVD "Pulse" in 5.1 is pretty awesome. There is a place imho for surround sound music.

  7. Iain

    Well, that's just a touch pointless...

    DTS HD-Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD are both lossless compression schemes. Putting them both on a disc along with a PCM version, with all three using the same bit depth and sampling rate is like providing a deluxe version of an application with the executable as both .RAR and .ZIP as well as uncompressed.

    What a waste of space.

  8. Mike Crawshaw

    @ Monkey - "when friends come round to your house for a meal"...?

    Does "a meal" include takeaway pizza, muffins, cheesy wotsits, and cocktail sausages dipped in mayo*, if you know what I mean...? Or are you just waaaay more civilised than me?

    (* try it. Seriously.)

    Mine's the one with the lethal in one pocket, and the king-size rizlas in the other...

  9. Steve Walker

    First real CD?

    In 1982 Sony and Philips made the first players and CDs - you could buy.

    I then worked at a Philips repair centre and I had a Philips 104 (I think) S/N 000088 - which came with a demo CD of all audio tracks in DDD (remember that on CDs???) - it had some "pop" but mostly classical - the first CD pushed for the masses was Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits - it was all DDD again and was pretty popular at the time - probably still is, I have my copy still and it is as they said in 1982 - still the same!



  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Got It!

    The first made/pressed CD you could buy was - Abbas The Visitors!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    First ?

    I've already played the Blu-ray verions of Ghosts from Nine Inch Nails to death.

    It's a shame Ghosts is not 5.1, but it plays perfect on pretty much all equipment in 2.0 96 kHz 24 bit, while for 5.1 at that bitrate you need HDMI equipment due to bandwidth limitations of the S/PDIF.

    (Paris, cause I might be missing something vital that would make this a different kind of first)

  12. Thomas Silver badge

    First commercial CD

    "The first commercial CDs pressed were The Visitors by Abba and a recording of Herbert von Karajan conducting the Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss." per BBC News.

  13. Dave

    Sony developed Blu-Ray, right?

    Hmmm Blu-Ray Audio. Does this mean that Sony can put bigger and better rootkits on their music now?

  14. Jim

    So what's the difference ...

    ... between this, "the world's first blu-ray record"; and quite a few already existing BD music releases (e.g. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same [Blu-ray]) which contain 5.1 surround and also Video footage. If the led zep release had left off the video would that have been "the world's first blu-ray record"?

    If the The HD recording of Norwegian orchestra Trondheimsolistene had included video of the recording, would that have made this yet another BD music release?

    On a less cynical note, I excitedly bought a SACD disc to play on my PS3 only to be disappointed to find that the PS3 will not put SACD audio out to my surround sound amp over the optical cable and only outputs the SACD audio via the HDMI cable, which of course goes to my stereo TV on which the volume is always turned down because the TV is itself plugged into my amp! Perhaps at least BD audio-only releases (if this is not the only one we'll ever see) will at least allow me to get HD sound providing that the publishers also include a standard CD for when I'm in my car!

  15. Frank Bough
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    ...probably would have been a success if it had been rippable - how's that for irony? I want higher-def audio, so I'm always hoping that some engineer can sneak it past the money men and pig-faced, mouth breathing 'consumer' so that we might hear music with the clarity that modern technology actually allows.

  16. Dave Errington

    First CD...

    apparently it was abba, these Scandinavian types seem to be the trend setters when it comes to this type of thing!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    @ Steve Walker

    I don't belive Brothers in Arms was DDD and I'd doubt most Classicals were either. Of the top of my head it was.

    Digital Recording

    Digital Mixing

    Digital Master.

    I thought Jarres Zoolookaologie was the first DDD (or was that the first pure digital disc?)

  18. PunkTiger

    Everything old is new again

    Now if there were only some way to get the Quadraphonic mixes of classic albums on 5.1 (4.1?) surround discs, that would be pretty nifty. Of course, they'd probably have to be remastered a bit more attentively than the original releases to get the separation just right.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Dire Straits

    If the "Brothers in Arms" album wasn't the first, it was definitely one of the first. I know it was the first CD I had... I got it for free as part of a promo deal with Radio Shack in the US as I recall---a couple of years before I was able to afford a CD player to play it. I still have it. The sound quality of that old disc, which was one of the first to be in pure digital from master to CD, is still better than many modern releases.

  20. Nexox Enigma

    How many 5.1 tracks?

    Seriously how many of those things do you need? I doubt that anyone could tell the difference between the two lossless ones, so does it just come down to which format your reciever supports?

    From what I've seen something like 98% of everyone with '5.1' sound doesn't have the geometry / timing set up right at all, so they wouldn't get anything out of this. And on properly set up systems the sweet spot is just about large enough for a single listener. At that point you might as well use stereo headphones, which I've found to be absolutely the best listening experience out there.

    Don't even get me started on how useless 192kHz sampled audio is.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    The very first mini cd single?

    Wasn't it (Blu) Ray of Light, by Madonna?

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bigger Rootkits? But of Course....

    The whole point of BluRay is the copy protection....

  23. Pete

    The Point

    They need to put all those different formats on the disc, lossless or not, as there will be an audiophile somewhere that swears on his mother's grave that he can hear the difference between them.

  24. Monkey


    Meal.... well I was trying to sound posh but who am I kidding?! It usually is pizza or takeaway!

  25. TimM

    Final nail in the coffin for SACD then

    Well, at least when we get proper high end equipment to play it on. I can't see the audiophiles happy using a PS3 that converts DTS-HD MA to multichannel PCM, even if the converted format is in theory identical.

    They'll be waiting for those retro look Blu-Ray players that they can hook up to their valve amps ;)

  26. Anonymous Coward

    The first CD

    The first commercial CDs pressed were The Visitors by Abba and a recording of Herbert von Karajan conducting the Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss

    Interestingly, YMMV, the reason they were 74 minutes long wasn't really the need for getting all of Beethovens 9th on there. Instead it was the fact that of the two vying digital magnetic tape formats for the master recording at the time had finite runtimes. By some quirk of leveraging fate only Sonys Umatic system could hold 74 minutes (i think the other was 72 minutes).

    Peter Gabriels fourth album 'Security (1982)' was a fully digital process using a hired truck complete with a full 11-bit recording studio in the back.

  27. RW

    Re: What was the first CD record produced?

    The first digital recording made for commercial release was Jean Pierre Rampal playing Telemann's Twelve Fantasias for Flute Solo. Recorded at the Saitama Kaikan Hall in Tokyo on October 30, 1972.

    Recording director was Toru Yuki, recording engineer Masao Hayashi.

    It was released soon after being recorded on the CBS/Columbia low-price LP line "Odyssey". In 1987 Denon released it on CD, #1790.

    I don't recall the exact specifications, but iirc it the sample size was 14 bits, not the 16 bits adopted for CDs a decade later. Also, the sampling rate was lower than the CD standard of 44.something kHz. It goes without saying that it was digitally transformed to the CD standard. The sound is just fine, thank you very much.

    Somewhere I've seen a photo of Denon's experimental digital recorder: it filled a rack full of electronics; today the same function is probably on a single chip.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    re: Sony developed Blu-Ray, right?

    "Dave" you really are an imbecile.

    Still it's nice you have come from behind your AC mask..

    Sony didn't soley develop Blu-ray, it was a very large consortium of Japanese manufacturers, google for BDA.

    As for Rootkits, talk about blowing something out of all proportion, I suggest you read and inwardly digest some facts about the incident, you might then realise how pathetic your post looks.

    Paris, as she knows a prick when she sees one.

  29. Steven H Taylor

    Of course

    The SACD is compatible with PlayStation3 as well.


  30. Dan Wilkinson

    72mins, 16bit @ 44.1k = Beethoven concerto with no wasted space

    You couldn't buy it, but I believe that the first CD pressed in the format we still see today was a piece of Beethoven (sic?), and the bit-rate and sample frequency that we use now were chosen specifically in order to fit this piece of music onto a single disc at the highest quality.

  31. Liam


    @ Monkey

    the problem with dvd-a is the fact that so few people make them - especially the ones you want! a lot or artists arent well enough produced to even warrant it i guess (some official albums sound worse than crap quality mp3s!)

    i must admit i tend to listen to music via the 7 channel stereo feature my amp supports - rather than trying to get it to fudge surround (even though dolby prologic 2x through a yamaha enhancer sounds very good - just not for music) 7 channel stereo gives me a wall of sound and makes the vocal pop nicely out of my lovely centre speaker :)

    @ Nexox Enigma

    i agree most people cannot setup 5.1 to save their lives - my lounge is setup perfectly for this type of thing. everything is setup up for watching movies and listening to music from my couch... also helps my yammie amp has a nice little setup that worksm out reverb etc from a little mic. i do have to disagree with the size of a sweet spot tho. if you get decent speakers (mordaunt short 7.1 setup here) the sweet spot is massive compared to the little sony satellite system i had before. i dont even mind not sitting in the 'daddy chair' sometimes now :) of course having the right shaped room helps a lot

  32. Steve Wedge

    Brothers in Arms was the first DDD, not the first release

    Seeing as the CD format was made commercially available in 1982, and BIA was released in 1985. I got my first CD player in '83 and the first rock CD I got for it was Dark Side of the Moon...

  33. Phil Koenig


    I'm actually one of those 'wackos' that feels that 44.1khz/16-bit digital is inadequate to provide the qualities I want in an audio recording. Given Britain's strong history of support for the audio industry, I would have expected more like-minded souls commenting here.

    I'm a big fan of SACD, but with the rise of DVD and the iPod, the commercial prospects haven't been looking very good the last few years.

    Which is why I had also been hoping that now that BD's become the new hi-def consumer video standard, Sony could do something with BluRay to revitalize the market for a next generation/hi-def audio format. It's just a pity to me that with all that storage/bandwidth available, the first independent effort squanders it by just putting a bunch of similiar copies on one disk.

    Granted, there is no BD-approved way of encoding >192khz/24bit audio on BD, but why not make it part of the next revision of the BD standard? Goodness knows they've revised that standard enough times by now, and I doubt most TV-watchers will care that their £50 video player won't play 384khz/30-bit audio..

  34. Mal Franks

    SACD on PS3

    "The SACD is compatible with PlayStation3 as well.


    not with my PS3 it isn't

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