back to article Apple to launch UK movie downloads

Apple is rumoured to be on the cusp of launching a movie downloads service through iTunes right here in the UK. apple_itunes_7 Rumours suggest movie downloads are coming to iTunes in the UK According to a report by The Times newspaper, “studio sources” have said that Apple will start selling films from four major Hollywood …


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  2. Steven Raith


    How long before ISPs start going mental about their bandwidth costs on *this* one then?

    See the iPlayer debacle.

    Steven R

  3. TimM


    "In the States, the price for a normal standard-definition film is $3.99, I think, and for a HD film, where available, it's $4.99. What will the prices be over here?"

    Did you even have to ask?

    Of course it will be £3.99 and £4.99. This is the UK after all! £=$.

  4. Iain


    Microsoft already offer HD movie 'rental' downloads over their XBox Live service, the files coming in around the 5Gb mark. So I don't see why Apple (probably using Akamai just as they do for Quicktime trailers) shouldn't be able to offer the same.

    With a shelf-full of unwatched HD-DVDs I've not tried the service myself yet, but it's there.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Pay in dollars

    I'm already renting movies from iTunes despite being in the UK. You can set up an iTunes US account and load it up with US$ gift vouchers from eBay. Works a treat, and I'm loving renting movies through Apple TV. The HD ones take 20 mins or so of buffering before they start playing, while the SD ones play instantly (this is whith a Be "24Mbit" connection actually running at 12 Mbits). Fantastic news that we may be able to dl from iTunes UK now. If they try and sting us for the $/£ rate though the US option is still available... I just wish there was iPlayer on Apple TV as well.

  6. Chris

    Surely the bigger pricing issue for me is...

    that it's going to be the same as a DVD.

    DVD = subtitles. Download = no subtitles.

    DVD = bonus features. Download = no bonus features.

    DVD = physical product and burns. Download = no physical product, and probably very limited burns.

    So if download is clearly an 'inferior' product, why the same price?

  7. Andy

    My money -

    - is on £2.99 and £3.99. Which is just too much. I could justify £2/£2.50 for the occasional instant-gratification rental, but when I'm only paying £14 for a LoveFilm subscription there's no way I'll be paying nearly a third of that for one movie.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    One problem

    Download a Movie and a MS Service pack or Apple "patch" and Virgin will put a cap on your ass

  9. Gareth Irwin

    The trouble with the English...

    is we like to moan. Infact we moan so much most actually forget to have a look around at what ISP deals there are.

    The ISP I use for instance allows 30gigs on peek and 300gigs off peek per month, more than enough for iTunes.

    Sadly most of the british public are a little, erm, 'knowledge shy' and think its either BT or Virgin. (Or heaven forbid tiscali, because they had the audacity to advertise on the televisual box)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @AC with US download

    Either you are bullshitting or you did it a long time ago. It is not possible to setup a US iTunes account without a US credit card. The registration process does an address check against the credit card. I you set it up then subsequently remove the US credit card it stops working... This has been the case for nearly two years now.

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