back to article Mozilla Screaming Monkey offers freedom from IE 'millstone'

Mozilla's Screaming Monkey offers hope to developers who are frustrated by Internet Explorer's slow speed and skeptical of Microsoft's commitment to internet standards. So say representatives from Google and the Ajaxian community, in a joint presentation at Google's I/O conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. According to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "AJAX has come a long way in three years"

    Hmmm, just had a quick check and there's still only XMLHttpRequest. What does this mean?

  2. Robert Grant Silver badge

    re: "AJAX has come a long way in three years"

    It's a technique, not a command. I suppose they mean how the technique is implemented has come a long way, or something.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    screaming monkey?...

    that's got to be a dig at steve ballmer - right?

  4. SpitefulGOD
    Gates Halo

    Cheeky Gits

    Microsoft created AJAX and now this "ajaxian community" with the help of Goggle is stating it knows better,i'd tell em to suck a fart from my ass and slap a load of EULAs on Ajax

  5. Liam

    if im right...

    its this none standards M$ that enabled innerHTML isnt it? pretty much a basic requirement in ajax and used so heavily every other browser uses it now... its odd that M$ get bashed for some stuff and people conveniently forget when the do something good..

    of cousre i might be wrong lol

  6. Alastair

    How disappointing

    Not knowing what on earth 'Screaming Monkey' is, I took a look at the site. It appears to be a virtual machine for Javascript(/ECMAScript) alone? How disappointing. By the sounds of the article it was going to sidestep all the IE problems we have... which are in its HTML and CSS handling.

    G'wan, make a 'virtual machine' that embeds Gecko in IE silently. In fact, maybe that's the solution- an IE plugin that is nothing more than Gecko/Webkit. Get people to download it like they do Flash, and then sites can turn it on if they want.

    Probably be a hideous resource hog, mind.

  7. Bemi Faison

    Circle jerk

    None of this matters in the real world. Developers know not to rely on browser plug-ins - plain and simple. We will navigate the obstacles MS sets forth in IE 8, 9, and so on, because it's MS's browser.

    Unless Screaming Money comes pre-installed on Windows (like, Flash), a "plug-in" solution is a non-starter.

    ...The most that can be gained is pressuring MS to incorporate this monkey's dance into IE 8.

  8. ryan
    Gates Horns

    @ the MS apologists

    It's not so much that Microsoft hasn't ever created a good idea, but rather their abuse of a monopoly position to create artificial barriers in the market. Sure, they came up with an idea or two that pushed AJAX along, but they also sat on their asses and let IE rot. If it hadn't been for the emergence of Opera and Firefox we still would not have tabbed browsing, something I find fantastically uesfull.

    Without competition all company's will stagnate. Even if you do think Vista was Gods gift to computers it still would have been fantastically better and cheeper if there had been a strong competitor biteing at their heals. Heven forbid they should implament ODF and have people acutualy choose their office products based on marit allone.

    I'm With Bemi Faison. Screaming Monky aint no silver bullit but a little bit of presher on MS aint no bad thing ether.

    P.S. How in Gods name, in this day and age, can an operating sistom be released that can't get file moving right. I'm looking at you Vista.

  9. SpitefulGOD
    Gates Halo


    "How in Gods name, in this day and age, can an operating sistom be released that can't get file moving right. I'm looking at you Vista."

    Sorry i thought you were looking at OS/X for that particular flaw.

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