back to article So how will the new US prez handle IT issues?

Dear Potus 2008... Top ten things you haven't seen a US presidential candidate discuss: infosecurity; privacy from corporations; software patents; the infrastructure fund; network neutrality; user-centric ID systems; ownership of personal information; science/technology education; open APIs for government data. Actually, in a …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Right up Barack Obama's Street of Desire?

    "Innovation policy should let innovators keep the rewards of what they do. "

    I Beg to Differ. Innovation policy should mentor innovators with the rewards of what they do. You will invariably find at such XXXXAlted Levels, the reward in just doing what they do is Sufficient to Purpose with the Wealth being Spent on Future InfraStructure, with their Obvious Lead Guidance Wish List whose Cost will Only be what they would be considered Worthy of.

    That would be the amfM Astute NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Root Route. AI Positive Boon to Any and All Presidents.

  2. Ian Ferguson
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    Very interesting, even if I don't live in the US, I suspect whoever is chosen will have an enormous impact on IT issues globally.

    I'm tempted to become a fan of Chuck Fish simply because he has such an awesome name, but his theory of letting business do what it wants won't go down very well with IT-savvy voters (take the slashdot crowd as an example) - Microsoft-style monopolies, anyone?

    Internet services populate a unique market, in that they are truly global; and so the winners rise to the top very quickly, and monopolies are more the rule than the exception; take as examples Google, eBay, IMDb, PayPal. This suggests to me that IT requires more regulation than other industries, not less.

    Weitzner seems to me to be far more qualified for the role, and much more clued up than the Republican representative. Again, I can see the Slashdot crowd loving this guy - he even knows what open standards are! (as opposed to thinking they're ways for terrywrists to control US infrastructure)

  3. adfasdf

    If enough of us talk...

    ... they will buy bigger ear plugs. Or outlaw talking.

  4. Sam Green
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    If enough of us talk...

    ... I can slip out the back and head off to the Kings Arms. It is Friday after all (Isn't it?)

  5. NB

    @Sam Green

    If enough of us talk...

    By Sam Green

    Posted Thursday 29th May 2008 14:54 GMT

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    ... I can slip out the back and head off to the Kings Arms. It is Friday after all (Isn't it?)

    Sorry mate, tomorrow's friday.

  6. John Widger

    If -

    Obama gets elected. If Danny Weitzner's views become policies. If...

  7. Adam Williamson


    Tomorrow's Friday, you say? I think this calls for a celebration. meet you down the King's Arms.

  8. James Butler

    McCain's talking sh**

    The Republican party is supposedly all about "lower taxes and smaller government" ... but guess who always pushes taxes up (for most of us) and expands the government? Right. So when McCain says, "Let the market decide", he's speaking out of his aged butt as the potential mouthpiece for a future maximally-intrusive government. "Let the market decide" says nothing at all about his policies ... of which he has few that have not already been designed and executed by the Bushies.

    @Ian Ferguson

    The President has traditionally had nothing to do with IT. Completely hands-off.

  9. Pyros
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    None of the canidates in the nomination are really worth it. Oh, we DO need a huge change just to kill the Republic-tators, but I wouldn't trust either Hillary or Obama with my six in a firefight, much less in office.

    Obama may have the right idea with IT policies, but his other policies aren't just worth voting him into office. (Perhaps if we had an Office of IT in the Cabinet, then he'd be a good choice.)

    My only option is Stephen Colbert. >P

  10. SpitefulGOD
    Gates Halo


    You really think they're going to let the winning candidate take their rightful place? No, there will be little change in IT apart from the switch over to linux for the army and such (which will backfire) emails will still conviently go missing.

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