back to article Hackers start poking holes in NFC

A researcher from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technolog used the recent EUSecWest event to demonstrate progress in attacking NFC applications and to announce the availability of tools so that everyone can have a go at NFC hacking for fun and profit. Near Field Communications is the RFID-based standard being …


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  1. Chris Branch

    I cannot wait

    Will we see pickpockets stealing money just by standing too close to people?

    Mine's the blue coat with with NFC tag in it... oops, someone switched it, now it's a green coat...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    How unfortunate

    that the obvious place for this sort of thing would be on posters and machines in stations on the London Underground. Shame that there is precious little signal to be had there so you won't get very far!

  3. Nate

    I cannot wait, either

    Until I'm walking down the street, and I start getting spammed by physical posters next to me.

    "Smart Posters" loading URLs into my phone's browser. Noooo thank you.

    Mine's the one lined with tin foil.

  4. Tim Bates

    Nothing to worry about in Australia...

    With Telstra basically running the show, it wouldn't be economical to do things over mobile phones anyway. So at least this country is safe from "smart" advertising.

  5. stizzleswick
    Paris Hilton

    Gotta love it...

    ...just when I thought they couldn't come up with yet more security holes in mobile phones, they up the ante with this sort of mindboggling stupidity. What blithering idiot would want advertisers to take control of his handset?

    Oh, wait... I know... everybody who's l33t.

    Good show from the Fraunhofer crew -- Nokia would probably prefer to keep mum about it.

    I'll stick with my Motorola antique. Hasn't been hacked in 15 years.

    Paris, because she might throw a phone at you, but not even she would not be stupid enough to let others do the dialling for her without her say-so.

  6. DarkWhite

    Wait a sec...

    So you've got to fork out for a phone with the ability to give you more adverts? Thats like an ISP charging you extra for Phorm. The advantage? You don't have to reach all the way into your pocket to get your wallet out to buy stuff from a vending machine, instead you have to reach all the way into your pocket to get out your phone. Still at least you can look like your doing the Jedi mind-trick when your waving your phone in front of a vending machine, "You will give me a Kit-Kat Chunky"

This topic is closed for new posts.

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