back to article Dell's wee Eee-alike uncovered

Pictures of Dell’s upcoming Eee PC look-a-like have been revealed, and it’s rumoured to be called the Mini Inspiron. Dell_mini_inspiron_01 Dell's Mini Inspiron could ship in June Last month, an unnamed executive from Taiwanese contract manufacturer Compal claimed it is building an Eee PC rival for Dell. It's thought the PC …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Most promising Eee-alternative yet...

    Suggestions seem to be it's an 8.9-incher in an appropriately sized shell, making it the most promising Eee-alternative yet. Also claims to have a whole raft of wireless connection possibilities, which would give it one up so long as they don't just mean b/g/n or whatever.

  2. Dave

    looks good

    With the way Asus are treating 900 owners in the UK with the useless battery, this Dell looks like an ideal alternative. If it launches at a reasonable price I will be ditching my Eee900 for one of these.

    Come on Dell, get it to market quick.....

  3. David Gosnell


    Will Dell's delivery charge double the price?!

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