back to article Want a 1TB optical drive? Call/Recall me

Call/Recall has announced it is developing a 1TB optical drive and disk, backwards compatible with Blu-ray, in partnership with with the Nichia Corporation of Japan. Call/Recall began synthesizing 1TB materials for Nichia’s blue-violet laser diodes in December 2007, with first initial testing successfully completed in March …


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  1. Michael Jarve


    An optical medium that Hideo Kojima will be satisfied with... Maybe

  2. Joe K
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    Hopefully this gets out the door soon, though with 1TB hard drives now available for under a ton it doesn't seem like such an amazing capacity anymore.

    Stick a couple of hundred DVD's onto one disc?

    Yes please.

  3. Denis Bergeron

    1TB is not enough

    1TB is nothing for storing HiDef media.It's today normal to have a 12mp still camera and a 1080p movie camera. 1TB hold 10 hours of 1080p, by 2010 eveyone and his mother will have WQXGA movie cam and 50mp camera. 1tb will be 2hours of movie, this techno have to be cheap by then.

  4. RichardB

    Snappy Names eh?

    I'd like a Call\Recall Player please.... yes thats right a CRaP.

    Nice one...

  5. /\/\j17

    Easily Please...

    "One secret sauce is the use of a Rhodamine-type dye in a recording layer. It is excited by laser light"


  6. Chris

    On a slight tangent...

    "still on CD-sized 120mm platters"

    Is it just me who thinks it's bizarre that so many new formats have to look like CDs? Why?! Surely there's just more opportunity to put the wrong disc in the wrong player; which will just annoy the customer ("Oh, but I thought it would fit?" - if it's a different size/shape, they will know they need new hardware)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    by 2010

    "by 2010 eveyone and his mother will have WQXGA movie cam and 50mp camera"

    Hello Denis!!! Hello!! Please wake up!!!

    Given the current status of affairs I'd say that most people in the western world will be happy if they still have a job and a home in 2010 and they can definitely do without a 50mp camera.

    If you see how indifferent "normal" people are to BluRay and the whole HD marketing hype you can imagine the excitement when we get the next wave of UltraHighSuperMaxi Definition crap.

  8. Henry

    Just make sure

    Just handling DVDs is enough to make them cough a furball with the right speck of dust or ridge from a fingerprint on the surface. They'll have my business if it comes in a carrier that protects the contents from us fat finger types.

  9. Adam Foxton
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    They keep kicking up the frequency of those lasers...

    ... how long before we're talking about the 1Pb CD-sized disc drive that uses a new gamma/cosmic ray frequency laser?

    Cosmics are about 1,000,000 times higher frequency than blue light- would this mean they could make an Exabyte capacity disc with [cosmic-ray]asers?

    Also, @Denis Bergeron: It's hardly "normal" to have a 12mp camera _and_ 1080p movie camera. Maybe "possible" or "available on the consumer market" but not "normal". One or the other maybe. Anyway, you try storing that data on a DVD or BD-ROM and then see if you appreciate just hot much more capacity these'll have!

  10. Tom Jobbins

    Re: "On a slight tangent... "

    "Is it just me who thinks it's bizarre that so many new formats have to look like CDs? Why?! "

    Standardisation is a good thing. The standard size disks fit into standard sized cases and standard sized storage units.

    Not to mention there's probably significant production benefits in having it be the same size - even if the contents of the disk is a brand new technology, you still get savings by being able to use the same size moulds/presses/whatever-else-they-use-for-CD-fab

  11. daniel



    Happend to me when working on a new PC : A dell luggable, P4M system. CD-ROM drive. I had a funny 5 minutes wondering why the data CD the customer recorded from his old desktop would not mount...

    Until I realised it was a DVD... and the drive was not.

    Maybe it's about time that they do a 5.25 sized 3.5 inch diskette box that contains the DVD, with a nice soft coating that protects the whole darn thing.. or even a good old PVC sleeve like the original 5.25's to protect the data surface from drops, sratches, thumbprints, drivecrashes etc...

  12. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    > On a slight tangent...

    What size do you want it to be?

    One that is wider than most PC cases? I can't believe you would prefer it smaller?

  13. Ryan Bray
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    The Math

    1TB / 100MBps / 60s / 60m = 2.77 hours to read a single disk.

    How is that gonna work?

  14. Chad H.

    @ chris

    it can't be backwards compatible if its a different physical size... I want 1 optical drive, not 4.

  15. HenryH

    Red Ones for everyone?

    We'll all need several of these new toys if we are going to play with these (almost) existing Red (4K @ 30fps) toys.




    But then do we end up with lots of very high definition crap?

  16. Matthew
    Paris Hilton

    RE: 1TB is not enough

    Excuse me Sir, But I (like many tens of millions of other people) use a Linux system here at home and create my documents with Apple Open Office. I have been doing this since around 1989 when I purchased Linux from a Shareware catalogue obtained from an advert inside "Amstrad Action" magazine. Though my house now has more shelves containing disc boxes than I would like 1.44MB is certainly enough for documents!

  17. Anthony Bathgate

    Screw optical

    Can someone just make some fast tapes with useful capacities?

  18. Kanhef

    @ Anthony Bathgate

    I'm sure you can make tape drives with obscene, multi-petabyte capacities. But there's this thing called 'random access' that people like to have.

  19. Simon

    Why?! Stop making CDs already!

    CDs need to go the way of the casette tape. They are unweildy, scratch easily, and require huge music players to be played on the move.

    I think its time we started moving to flash drives and ditched CDs altogether. Are there any read only flash drives out there? You don't even need a cd drive in your computer to use them.

    I can't see any use for 1TB of data on a dvd unless what, I want to put encylopedia britannica on it? But wait, even the entire works of shakespeare is 6mb and all dynamic content can be read online. Flash drives have already met and exceeded the size of dvds and even blu ray itself (100 quid for a 32gb flash drive, single layer blu ray is 25gb), a price that will fall tenfold if they are mass produced and when larger drives become more popular. You could always increase the size of the module to halve the price, too.

    we don't need 1tb cds! the last movie I remember having a CD in was airwolf where they put a CD into the helicopter sometimes, we've moved past that! We need data crystals and tiny things that we slot in, not more friggin cds! All my cds are scratched to hell and I don't even think I have used half of them, and they have to be stored carefully to avoid damage.

  20. Andy Worth

    Re:Snappy Names

    "I'd like a Call\Recall Player please.... yes thats right a CRaP."

    And the "a" came from where?

  21. Dave


    Has anyone else noticed that this is a UMD from yesteryear? same capacity, same technology, but this time they may release it.

    Of course it's now too late because we are all moving gradually away from optical media what with downloads being so easy and all. Hard drive backups are now cheaper and more reliable than any optical equivelant too, so I really don't see where this will fit in.

    And Dennis, with your 10 hours to a terrabyte, what are you up to? HD tape camcorders use the same tapes with the same run times, because compression is standard these days. BDs were an excuse to change the DRM, not to increase capacity. A full length full def movie will hapily fit on a DVD, just as a full length DVD quality movie fits on a CD if compressed.

  22. Anonymous Coward
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    Finally a media that is big enough to store my porn collection on thats not going to use more than handfull of disks!

  23. Tim

    Thumb-drives are best.

    These would be useful for archiving, movie making, reducing boxed sets to a single disk and recording surveillance data. For domestic use, I'll stick with my trusty thumb-drive. It doesn't get scratched and you can connect it to a lanyard and hang it around your neck. Give me a 1TB thumb-drive and upgrade usb to handle the throughput, preferably with software compression so I don't have to upgrade my hardware.

    Then I'll be complete!

    Mines the white one with the pocket protector.

  24. o4tuna

    @ Matthew

    Ummm, A time traveling shareware catalog, perhaps?

    Probably ought to check your dates before making such claims...

    Trench coat of time traveling.

  25. storng.bare.durid
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    my needs are modest...

    If the media is robust, this'd be ideal for backups I guess.

  26. Alex
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    @Andy S

    Agreed whole-heartedly! The way people are resistant to Blu-ray (for one reason or another) I'd doubt anyone would be any further forward by 2010. i mean, how long has it taken to HiDef to take hold?

    It's going to be a LONG time before 'the new Extra-Hi-Def' takes hold. especially now that most (if not all) new releases are now being sold as DVD or Blu Ray.


  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    at what price?

    with 1TB random access, hot pluggable, drives comming in for under a ton and mobos with six sata connectors will there be a need for these?

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They're for backup - not music...

    Stick a bunch in a juke box, write constantly, be able to recall any version of a document/app/image/iso/etc all the way back to when you (you being a large corporate entity/image repo company/legal types) first bought the jukebox... stuff like this is already about but jeez these would be a nice addition...

  29. Jason Landon

    I thought this was old news, but ...

    I guess I was maybe confusing it with TeraDisc:

  30. Tim

    One secret sauce...

    One secret sauce...

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