back to article Yahoo! vs Icahn, Yahoo! blinks first

Yahoo! has delayed its general meeting scheduled for 3 July and is facing another attack on its board. No new date has been set, but the meeting is expected to be held towards the end of July. Carl Icahn has already proposed ten directors to replace the current board. Now another rebel is proposing a slate of nine directors to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Oh come on now!

    I'd guess that a lot of organisations hope and pray that the "dreaded" MS giant will wonder along and buy up the organisation lock, stock and barrel.

    It does not seem a truly awful option and those that are bought up tend, in the main, to do rather well.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yahoo will win, Icahn will lose

    Once he puts his asset strippers in place, what then?

    He can't break it up and sell the parts because they depend on each other for the traffic.

    As a whole the only company with enough money to pay for it is Microsoft. If Yahoo board that grew the business can't extract a big enough fee, what makes him think he can with his subpar board in charge?

    So what price does he think he'll get, $31 a share? 28? 24? 18?...5?

    First lesson of selling, you never enter a negotiation fixed on one outcome. So you'd be stupid to put in a board focussed on a fixed outcome.

  3. Robert Long
    Paris Hilton

    It's jam today or...well, that's it

    Yahoo is worthless. If they can't flog it off now it will sink without trace and anyone with stock will lose everything. On the other hand, Yahoo is worthless. If anyone buys it now they'll lose everything they pay for it. MS would have to be mad to throw any money at them. It's not even a good brand name.

  4. Mike Row
    Thumb Down

    Yahoo's only value

    is that it is not Microsoft and it is not Google.

    If Microsoft actually buys Yahoo I will abandon my yahoo account. Many others will follow suit.

    The ONLY reason I created a yahoo account is because it is NOT Microsoft.

    Microsoft are wasting there time and their money.

    Icahns' only interest is in making Microsofts money HIS money. To hell with what happens to Yahoo.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Yahoo is screwed..

    If they allow MS to do a take over then their good products (Flickr, Yahoogroups, etc) will be made to rot. But if they don't do it, their moronic stockholders will stuff the company right up as it gets torn to pieces / mismanaged by people who have no right to be running the place.

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