back to article Trillian blighted by security bug trio

The discovery of a trio of security bugs means that users of the popular Trillian instant messaging client need to update their software. All three of the newly discovered bugs create a means for hackers to inject malware onto the PCs of surfers running vulnerable versions of the multi-protocol chat application from Cerulean …


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  1. Feef Lovecraft
    Paris Hilton


    Can you not just do what I do and run it with the font stripping on so it never passes you any [Font] tags?

    Paris because she'd love to strip.

  2. Hate2Register

    Gives us something to chat about..

    Although Trillian users are a bit like ICQ users - they are all like my dad. So a bit of porno-disguised malware will probably go unnoticed.

  3. TimM

    Just use a Mac... no, Linux... erm!

    What! A security fuss that isn't to do with Microsoft.

    Still, surely we can bleat on about Macs and Linux being better can't we?


  4. J-Wick

    Why are people using Trillian, anyway...

    ...instead of Pidgin?

    (Not flamebait. Just curious. Should really browse the Trillian website & look at features, but can't be arsed.)

    Tux cos am a recent convert. Not 100% yet, though!

  5. Chris Cheale

    with regards to pidgin

    simply because I'd never heard of it - I wouldn't use Trillian either but for the fact that I know a couple of peeps that use MSN.

    I'm probably like that geezer above's dad since I'd otherwise be using ICQ [it's a legacy thing] - when I actually use IM at all. A "chat" program to an aging misanthropic goth is akin to a bicycle for a fish.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @pidgin fan

    ...............err because pidgin sucks? Miranda/Kopete for me.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Pidgin

    I wouldn't use Pidgin as its developed by a bunch of ego-centric idiots that don't care about their userbase and like to dictate how things should be rather than actually trying to be useful.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Pidgin...

    ... Why? Trillian Pro has a perfectly usable interface. It's not too bad... it hasn't quite kept up with all the extra guff that comes with the latest and greatest IM clients, but it's perfectly usable for what I need it for.

  9. J-Wick
    Dead Vulture

    Pidgin vs. Trillian...

    Hmm.. Trillian does look interesting - used it a while ago. Kopete looks ok. Horses for courses, I suppose, and you stick with what you're used to. I'm slowly moving to Ubuntu (cue collective eye-roll), hence I'd need a tux-friendly client.

    Though what does make Pidgin suck, and how do the developers dictate how things should be rather than trying to be useful? Do you have any examples? What do your IM clients do better than Pidgin? I'd be interested to know - I may end up changing :)

    Dead bird, obvious choice really :)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    We had problems at work with people using MSN (they shouldn't do), looked at Pidgin - but decided not to go with offering it work wide (academic sector) because it stores the login information for the profiles in plain text.

    Encrypt that login information and we'll look again.

  11. Erik Aamot

    g33z3 ?! ...

    just caus my ICQ # is 8069*** running 2002a and my Trillian version 0.73 ??

    XML .. pffffffft ..

    learn to write HTML 4.01 .. ok ?, this website looks like crap 1/2 the time

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why install?

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