back to article Logitech Z Cinema advanced surround sound system

Is Logitech’s answer to the demands of a media-centric PC world the next logical step in home entertainment - or just more boxes to knock over or spill stuff on while working at the computer? The basic premise is simple. We are all storing and viewing loads more stuff on the PC: music, film, TV and, of course, games. The …


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  1. Craig
    Thumb Down

    Pity they look so ugly.

    Enough to stop me buying them straight away.

  2. Steve

    Shame it's 2.1

    If they were 5.1 or 4.1 I'd be tempted.

  3. Ash

    Good stuff

    Do they make one without the microsoft branding? One that will control non-microsoft apps? VLC Media Player would be nice, along with WinAMP.

    Maybe i'll just get some decent speakers and a wireless mouse...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One gripe

    You say you'll unlikely to be watching on anything but a small computer screen...

    Chances are, if your willing to cough up £250 for PC speakers, you'll proberbly have it hooked up to a decent tv.....but then again, why would you have these speakers and not an a/v system?

    So personally I think this would be less for movie watchers, more for dedicated gamers or people with large MP3 collections.

  5. S

    Too Expensive

    I had a set of Logitech ZX-2300s, they were awesome speakers. Solid amount of sound, very decent quality *and* they cost less than my old Sony mini-HiFi. (They were £95 from eBuyer when I bought them).

    These seem to be quite a bit more :-\.

    2.1 systems are quite handy when you don't have the shelves behind you, or are a student and need to move your computer quite often (as I do).

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Linux and Mac support?

    No mention whatever of support for Linux and Mac in this review?

  7. James Pickett


    I've just been looking at PA systems and some of these are now amplified 2.1 setups. £200 will buy you a 400W (RMS) system with a serious subwoofer and decent satellites that would blow this stuff into the weeds. And you can plug your CD player into it...

  8. James Pickett


    Getting carried away there - that should have been £300..!

  9. Scott Mckenzie


    ..not convinced at all, specs don't read too well at all.

    Acoustic Energy Aego M or Jamo i300 still lead the way in 2.1 for me... depending on what you need.

  10. Brian

    @ Alternative

    Your PA system might "blow this stuff into the weeds.." as far as volume is concerned, but we are only interested in sound quality.

  11. Colin Birkett
    Thumb Down

    not better enough....

    ...than the THX z2300's i already have.

    excellent sound quality, superb bass response too.

  12. James Whale
    Thumb Up

    Superb speakers...

    So, after reading this review I threw caution to the wind and ordered a set from Novatech for £180, which arrived the following day. They look great in the flesh and not ugly at all. Build quality is excellent and everything is sturdy and robust.

    I've mainly been using them to listen to music to far, but I'm very impressed. The sub is larger than I expected, and produces a filthy, room-shaking amount of bass. However, even on maximum this doesn't outgrow the speakers which max out without distortion. Sound is clear and defined - music from my PC is suddenly a joy to listen to.

    The only issue I've noticed is that there seems to be a compatibility issue with my Logitech Quickcam software which causes it to crash when the speaker software loads during startup.

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