back to article Pants purveyor punts handset-holding undies

What can we say? US company Vavoom has taken the old gag about girls and vibrating phones to its logical conclusion and come up with a pair of pants with a handset holding pouch on the front. Dubbed the Call Me Panty the naughty knickers - tagline: "Special panties for that special someone. Simply turn your phone to vibrate …


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  1. Dave

    Not Availabe

    That's a shame, it appears that YouTube have removed it.

  2. Jason Togneri


    Am I the only one who remembers all the concern about radiation and mobile phones (still unresolved), and claims that people keeping them in tight jeans close to their genitals had a higher incidence of testicular cancer (as I recall, the stories of the time were aimed largely at men)? While I don't lend credence to much of the fear of radiation, I'm not sure I'd willingly keep my phone in that paticular location for a long period. Plus, it doesn't seem handy for taking your phone to the pub with you - "Hold on a sec, my phone's ringing", squelch, zip, squelch, "Hello?" - and may raise a few eyebrows. Then again, maybe I'm missing the point.

  3. Mitch Warner

    Well... i know why yo mama never answers her phone.

    Mine's the one with the pocket near the groin.

  4. Steven Raith


    When I first saw a phone with a vibrating alert, I floated this idea to a dirty minded friend - she thought it was brilliant.

    I am quite sure I'm not the only person who had this idea, obviously. I knew a lass who was a big fan of the rumble pad test in the first PS1 Metal Gear Solid game - take any electronic device that buzzes, and within eight seconds, someone comes up with a clitoral-based activity for it.

    Thing is, wouldn't it just be easier to stop being such a prude and buy a remote controlled vibrator, and put that in the front pocket instead? Or am I being too sensible here?

    Steven R

  5. Hywel Thomas

    Bluetooth Bullet

    What they should have done is have a bluetooth enabled vibrating bullet placed strategically in the gusset. The phone need not be kept in the knickers then.

  6. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Might just stop the "Reverse Penis Envy" mobile phone conversations

    You know:

    "Hey look at my phone - it's tiny"

    "Nah, mine's tinier"

    These might well become:

    "Man, that's one huge phone in your pocket."

    "That's no phone, that's my...."

    Mine's the one with the extra low down pocket for .........>click< >brrrrrrrrrr<

  7. Hywel Thomas


    Put them on back to front for a whole new perspective on the ring-tone.

  8. Hate2Register

    Silly, you should wear men's ones with a phone holder on the arse.

    Oh yeah, feel it..

  9. Leo Rampen

    Harry Potter Vibrating Broomstick

    This reminds me of another not-intended use of the vibrate function.

  10. alistair millington
    Thumb Up

    Thats wrong

    You watch a porn star on a bed faking it and then some indian womans voice comes out sounding like a grandmother.

    Who was it targeting with the advert?

  11. David Cornes


    Marvellous - as long as she knows how to turn her voicemail off! :-D

    And just think of the fun you could have choosing appropriate ringtones for the occasion. Barry White, The Prodigy, or the 1812 overture tickle your, er, fancy madam??

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Thats wrong

    "Who was it targeting with the advert?"

    More to the point, who are the knickers targeting?

    Like a boyfriend is going to buy a pair of knickers strong enough to hold a phone in just the right spot when he could buy a pair of knickers which almost aren't there or a pair which have what appear to be rather flimsily sewn seams in strategic places.

    Paris, because she's the only possible target market.

  13. Aetyr

    Someone's got to say it...

    ...but this would definitely bring new life to the currently dying market for video calls.

    Can you hear me now?

  14. Dave

    Oh great

    as if my fiancee doesn't ALREADY spend enough time with her damn cellphone. Now I'll never be able to get her off of it.

    Although it appears it can now get her off...

  15. foo_bar_baz

    Very droll, here's your coat... ;)

    Now you have me fighting the urge to trawl the Reg for more hidden references. How many have I missed? Damn you.

  16. Scott Mckenzie


    I thin you'll find she was of Latin origins and not Indian at all.... sadly the person in the advert looks more like they were once male, the huge fake jubblies don't do much to convince me otherwise - maybe the phone pants were invented to hide the other "package"


  17. squibs

    missed opportunity on title

    It should have been titled

    Pants purveyor punts phone pouch

  18. Pete

    I don't get it....

    Why does she want us to call her Panty?

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