back to article Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'

Sitting at the perfect, if somewhat niche, intersection of Windows Vista and Apple iPhone fandom is this: VistaPerfection 2.0. Independent developer Spec-Works has released VistaPerfection 2.0 to ModifyMyPhone, an iPhone site covering hacked and unlocked devices, that lets you give your iPhone that unmistakable Vista-look-and- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    why in the name of beelzebubb and all his legions would you want to make a piece of apple hardware look like it was running windoze? it'd be like shagging paris hilton but making her wear a john prescott mask!

  2. Craig McCormick
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    Next up.....

    Microsoft sues Spec-Works. Apple kicks themselves for not suing Spec-Works first. Lawyers make coin and, 'out of interest' get somebody to put the Spec-Works skin onto their iPhones.

    Newsworthy? Not yet.

  3. kain preacher


    why ?????????

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The big question

    Have they paid the licensing fees for the Vista graphics, including that Windows logo?

    I suspect not.

    I also suspect the lawyers will be in contact shortly.

  5. Angus Ireland
    Gates Horns

    The finishing touch

    To finish the look off, jailbroken users can also download and install the 'Vista' app from the installer.

    And what does this vista app do I hear you cry?

    well, it adds the typical BSOD to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Now that IS perfection!

  6. GlamourAndCompany

    Vista on my Phone..Hmm

    Having Vista as a OS at home is at times enough to have me scratching my head, so I'm not sure I'd want it on my phone. Enough security issues with it on the home PC.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    AppleTards All Have Windows Penis Envy .... here's proof

    The Apple Kool Aid Drinkers have rushed with rapture to use TWO DIFFERENT WAYS to run Windows XP or Vista on their Macs.

    Before that there were DOZENS of Hacks to Run Windows on Macs before the PC Clone MacIntels.

    Now the MacTards can't wait to make their little Commie Chinese Sweatshop made iPhonies LOOK like Vista!

    A CLEAR case of PENIS ENVY.

    Next they'll dress their Blow Up Polyethylene Dates in clothes like Steve Balmer.

  9. Mathew White


    ROTFLOL, ahhh so funny. Reminds me of GoBar for the newton, except that was vaguely useful as an app launcher.

  10. E

    Utterly Stupid

    The clock in the bar at the top of the screen says 10:51.

    The analog clock widget says 10:10.

    Is the screenshot fake, or is the reporter gullible? Maybe both?

  11. WTF
    Gates Horns

    In the words of the late great Ren...

    I think I'm going to be sick!

    * Of asthma-hound chihuahua fame, if you have to ask.

  12. KenBW2
    Jobs Horns

    Why? Just... why?

    That applies to both buying a jesus phone and then applying a Fista skin onto it

  13. Dan Reeder

    what's the time?

    is it 10:10 or is it 10:51? do you believe the digital clock at the top, or the analog clock in that craptastic sidebar?

    either someone botched up their forgery of that screenshot, or vista doesn't know how to tell the time.

  14. Nexox Enigma

    Why do people make these?

    I've seen vista skins for nearly everything that can be skinned, including just about every compositing X desktop known to man. Why would you want to take that nicer browser / OS / etc and make it look like Vista, which, disregarding it's other issues, doesn't really look stellar.

    Then again I'm kind of a fan of that grey/tan Windows 2000 theme...

  15. Matthew


    if it came with copy and paste.. that would be something

  16. Michael Sheils
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    So now your going to start writing stories every time someone makes a skin for a device OS that looks a bit like another OS?

  17. Anonymous Coward

    @Dan Reeder & E

    The analogue clock on the Iphone does not move. it is simply an icon for the main clock application, that has a world clock (with moving analogue clockfaces) and alarm etc. So it doesn't surprise me that the clock icon on this vista theme (this is only a theme) doesn't move its hands either. Interestingly, the calendar icon does change. It always shows the correct date. But the clock icon does not show the correct time, except twice every 24 hours...

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cheaper solution

    Given the amount of hatred that seems to be out there for both the iPhone and Vista, wouldn't it be cheaper to just tattoo the word 'F*CK OFF'' on your forehead if you want to be hated by everyone?

  19. Ian Davies
    Thumb Up


    You know, you get closer and closer to real English every day... keep it up my man, soon we'll actually be able to understand the crap you spout!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Ever since...

    Apple started selling fairly average PCs with some modded BIOS code and an Apple badge (kudos to Apple's marketing department though, they've been selling overpriced tat to people with 'designer' clothing and more money than sense for years now) I've been fully expecting the next OS release to be OS-XP. I guess this is just the next logical progression.

    Paris, because I bet she'd buy a Mac and think it was a computer too...

  21. TeeCee Gold badge
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    There's a saying that you can't polish a turd.

    But now we have proof that it's possible to scuff one up a bit and take the shine off it.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ The reg

    So which one of you hacks - yes Register writers, I'm looking at you lot - masquerades as Webster?

    No actual person can exist that's as damaged and inconsistent as it is outside a correctional facility (probably of the medical type), ergo, it has to be a fictional creation.

    Bet whoever it is gets paid from the marketing budget too..


  23. David Glasgow

    @ Ian Davies re Webster

    D'Oh! And there was me thinking Webster's post was a witty and perceptive *parody* of a crap spouting ignoramus.

    Can we have an icon for this so I will be able to tell in future? A picture of Alf Garnett or Rab C Nesbitt, perhaps?

  24. John Bayly

    Oh the futility

    They're expecting somebody who:

    a). Bought an iPhone

    b). Wants to make their iPhone look like it's running Vista

    to be able to:

    a). Find an SSH client

    b). Use it

  25. alan

    I like my device...

    ...just the way it is thanks without any bloatware on it. If only Vista-owners could say the same thing.

    An XP theme would at least have been less embarrassing.

  26. Slaine

    wasn't april 1st a few weeks ago?

    madra - I feel sick and it's all your fault. you said "it'd be like shagging paris hilton"... so I thought of paris hilton... then you said "john prescot". You heartless swine. <still shuddering>

    however, given that this device is the epitome of everything i dislike about the 21st century, i think i can be quite safe in the knowledge the the ViPhone will not be appearing in a pocket near me. Hang on, I'll just check to make sure no-one slipped one in here when I wasn't looking.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ian Davies

    Don't feed the trolls. Ignore them and they'll go away.

  28. Craig
    Thumb Up

    @I like my device...

    I like my PC, and it has Vista Ultimate on it.

    Anyways, this skin is totally worth it, even if only to show Apple fangirls and get the same sort of reaction as these comments.

  29. Anonymous Coward


    ...or shagging Paris Hilton and making her wear a Paris Hilton mask.

  30. JayKay
    Jobs Halo


    "Apple started selling fairly average PCs with some modded BIOS code and an Apple badge"

    I hate to break it to you my uninformed chum, but Macs have never used BIOS - man, that is so 1980s.

    Macs use EFI, a much better implementation of BIOS. Vista was supposed to have it, in fact I think one of the many flavours of Vista (64bit I think) has some kind of support for it as of SP1, but like most things in the Micro$oft world, the older (and crapper) the better!

    Better luck next time AC!

  31. storng.bare.durid
    Thumb Up

    Must be a prank

    Good prank to play on a gebus phone owner though.

  32. krakead
    Gates Halo

    I'm very tempted to put this on my iPhone...

    ...for no other reason but to upset the Macbigots springing up in my office like mushrooms on a dungheap after a length rain shower ;)

  33. Matty B

    Site name?

    Umm, you may have the site name wrong there...

    It's actually "" not "ModifyMyPhone"

    Sister site of (the much better) (for Motorola phones, obviously.)

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    "I hate to break it to you my uninformed chum, but Macs have never used BIOS - man, that is so 1980s.

    Macs use EFI, a much better implementation of BIOS. "

    So they do use a BIOS then, just one called EFI.


  35. Anonymous Coward
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    Uber sh/geek...

    Well I think this is a clever trick....

    the day you see someone whip out an MS loaded device that apears to work you will think how? are they rolling thier own? do they have the source code? are they running some alpha for ms? have they built thier own hardware??

    All of these questions led you to believe they are a genius.

    The fact that its a skins cheat will slip on by...

  36. Anonymous Coward

    So where's....

    the KDE skin?

    Mines the Tux

  37. JayKay
    Thumb Down

    No BIOS

    No they DON'T use BIOS, they use EFI.

    Read a little, it really helps you know.

    Here, I'll start you off:

    "EFI is intended as a significantly improved replacement of the old legacy BIOS firmware interface historically used by all IBM PC compatible personal computers."

    So you see, it a REPLACEMENT.

    'Tard right back at ya.

  38. Anon Koward

    Ode to the 'Tards

    I suppose that having spent so much time in IT it was bound to happen, I personally am very much OS agnostic these days and that can be extended to mobile devices and anything else that has an IT angle in it.

    So to all the respective 'Tards trolling the site looking for the commencement of an OS war I say this:

    Whatever you’re firmly held beliefs about the look and feel of an OS the by far larger proportion of users do not give a toss about the pros and con's they are more interested in the look and feel. Vista as an OS does appear to be a buggy piece of bloat-ware BUT the icons, graphics and animations do look quite nice.

    Which is why a company like this has a market and releases something like a Vista skin for the Jesus phone, so save all this bleating about comparing OS's it means sweet F all to 80% of the user base out there and less to the rest of us reading this article...

    /pulpit off

  39. Steven Raith

    Stuff Vista

    I want a DOS 6.22 interface with Windows 3.11 for workgroups skin, please.

    Mines the one with "DOS/4GW" embroidered on the lapel.


    Steven R

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ GlamourAndCompany

    Security issues on Vista? Please emphasise?

    I know there are security issues on Vista, but come on... Let's not be complete mugs and think that Vista is the only OS with security holes.

    They have built in UAC, which should prevent users from making stupid mistakes and the OS IS a lot more secure than previous versions.

    So please list these security holes. We can help Microsoft then to patch them.

  41. Glenn

    Wheelbarrow handles

    on the back of sportscar.

  42. michael

    worse than that

    it is like shaging maggi whail wareing a gorden brown mask


    I htink I am going to be sick

  43. Aetyr
    Jobs Horns

    I can see why...

    ...people would think adding Windows features to an Apple phone was a good thing. Windows Mobile actually lets you install whatever you want on the hardware you own without having to hack it first.

  44. vincent himpe

    i want

    a DOS one !. oh and please also install edlin on so i can try this newfangled way of sending information. what's it called ? sms or something.

    i remember when i was a kid i had to walk for 2 hours , sometimes through snow, to get to the internet. .

  45. Anonymous Coward

    @madra @teecee

    I misread this as:

    it'd be like shagging john prescott but making him wear a paris hilton mask!...ow! I just had to kill a brain cell to get rid of that image in my head. owe me a new keyboard!

  46. Matt Bucknall

    I'd rather have a DOS skin...

    Without any means of typing. That'd be more useful.

  47. Dana W
    Thumb Down

    You have got to be kidding.

    Man thats awful. It shows how desperate some widows fans are to get ANY credibility for Vista. This would be like buying a seasoning that made T-bone steak look and smell like dog crap.

    You too can mar your phone with the look and feel of non functional bloatware!

    Not that long ago I found a copy of XP skinned to look like Vista, Right down to the "Aero" interface, "I use it on my Wintendo" funny though, Amazingly, if you want your Aero experience, its easy as long as you don't happen to be Running Vista

  48. Steve Mann


    The iPhone will only be said to have come of age when it can run OS2200 in native mode.

    "Vista". "Leopard". Pshaw! Real operating systems don't have cute names dreamed up in some marketing brainstorming session.

    Bloody toy computers.

  49. Captain DaFt

    @ Steven Raith, vincent himpe, Matt Bucknall, et al

    Why not just ACTUALLY run DOS or 3,11 on it?

    If you have a cracked iPhone, just ssh in and install dosbox (Stop here for those that want DOS on it), then just install 3,11 on top of that, easy! Not very useful unless you have some old Windows/DOS games to add, but loads of laffs!

    Coat icon as I'm now fleeing from Windows and Apple fans that finally agree on something, burning me at the stake!.

  50. Nexox Enigma
    Jobs Halo


    Dude calm down. I believe that the original AC was just suggesting that the only hardware difference is teh replacement of the legacy BIOS with EFI. They called it a mod just to indicate that it was a really insignificant bit of hardware to change.

    The AC was right - Apple is selling the same exact crap as Dell, HP, etc, but with a different bit of code running at boot and a shiny box wrapped around. It's funny that your only problem with that comment was that the AC didn't refer to EFI in a technically correct manner, yet you were angry enough with it to post twice on the subject...

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I used BIOS as an insult as the hardware is pretty much a PC nowadays

    Obviously being a MAC user your sense of humour is only one way.

    Paris, because she likes it all ways.

  52. kain preacher


    Were is my OS/2 interface ??

  53. ben edwards
    Paris Hilton

    rentboys and rentgirls

    So much hate for such an irrelevant thing - a skin!

    Do you go and complain to your rentboys for having only one of the bits a rentgirl has? No! Would you care if he had some fake boobs in a dress? No! But you'd still use it, happily.

    No difference here, really.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AppleTards All Have Windows Penis Envy .... here's proof

    I don't understand this whole Kool Aid drinking craze, is it like a "life goes better with Coca-Cola" thing?

    Regarding the "Commie Chinese Sweatshop" , where do think your xpox360 is made?

  55. tim

    I'm glad people like this exist

    I'm glad people exist who slave away rebuilding perfectly good interfaces on new devices.

    It keeps them off the street and out of my hair.

    What's next? Getting linux running on my air conditioner remote control?

    I've just never seen the point of taking a solution engineered to work with one system and shoehorning another onto it just because you think it could be done. Get a real job.

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Vista Perfection === Oxymoron

    Who would entertain such a thought?

  57. Anthony
    IT Angle


    "They have built in UAC, which should prevent users from making stupid mistakes"

    Unless it stops them from installing it, it's another example of a MS product that doesn't work as claimed.

  58. Ayman


    Just a question why would any1 want to do that to anything?? i mean seriously just looking at the vista theme makes me sick as i remember my vista woes.....

  59. Daniel Silver badge


    Dude, chill. Take a deep breath or something.

    BIOS stands for Basic Input-Output System, and pretty much every microprocessor-driven device these days uses one. Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, mainframes, yes even Macs, have a BIOS. EFI is simply a layer that sits on top of the BIOS to add or extend functionality. Much like the simple (but clearly not simple enough) diagram in the link you posted, where Firmware is equivalent to the BIOS.

    Operating System > Extensible Firmware Interface > Firmware (BIOS) > Hardware

    Let's tone it down a little now shall we - always a good move when you're wrong.

  60. Leszek KENSBOK
    Thumb Up

    @@AppleTards All Have Windows Penis Envy... here's looking at you

    The answer to the uneasy gentleman going by name of Anonymous Coward, who does not grok "this whole Kool Aid drinking craze", is quite straightforward.

    Some thirty years ago there was a sect--now we can even call them a "dangerous cult"--in Venezuela who, at the word of their leader, poisoned itself away. Completely. Body count was two thousand or some such.

    They solved poison into a cauldron of Cool Aid. Now you know what happens with a bunch of thirsty cultists if the RDF around them is strong enough. Other cults drink less Kool Aid, obviously, because they are still around. Some are even growing in volume.

    You see that "life does not go better with Coca-Cola" if it is not accompanied by a simultaneous RDF. Indeed, no classic Coke here will my most distinguished, Anonymous help.

  61. Jeff

    @ Anthony

    What are you talking about?

    "Unless it stops them from installing it, it's another example of a MS product that doesn't work as claimed."

    If an operating system stops you from installing a product then the OS is useless!

    A ridiculous comment.

    I'm still waiting for a list of all these security holes that exist in Vista, but no other OS. I know there are security holes that can be opened up, but it makes me laugh when people say that, but they actually have nothing to back it up with.

  62. sauerkraut

    you could as well use a turd as a phone

    who in his right mind would buy apple anything and put vista on it? what kind of parents must a person have to develop such a depraved character?!?

  63. Geoff Mackenzie


    Waiting for a list? Google for it.

    I'll get you started though:

    Not aware of any other OS that has this problem. I've been breaking into the occasional Windows box via CD autorun since '95.

  64. Geoff Mackenzie

    @Jeff some more

    Sorry for the double-post, but I should have included this in the first one:

    There's yer list.

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