back to article 'F**k the Country Channel', says the Country Channel

We're very much obliged to the shocked reader who forwarded us an email newsletter from online TV outfit The Country Channel, which appears to dedicate its time to dancing with horses, tractor-pulling and sniffing out British cheeseries. Well, there will be a few indignant letters to the Telegraph winging their way from …


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  1. breakfast
    Thumb Up

    Didn't think that would turn up on TV

    The book of that Hemfling video is quite interesting, if a little german, but I seem to recall the video comes across as somewhat odd although it's a few years since I saw it.

    He's a very good horseman, though, no question.

    I'd really love to know the reason for that email title- someone wanting to quit in style or a terrible mistake that will leave whoever caused it cringing inwardly for the rest of their working life?

  2. Sam

    Could have been worse

    At least they spelt country right.

  3. eddiewrenn


    So this was five hours ago... Probably some poor worker called Hetherington, whose responsible for mailing out the newsletters, is sitting there shaking and wondering when he's going to be busted!

    Looking forward to an update some point!

  4. sev71

    they just said

    what we were all thinking..

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bob Flemming

    Sounds like the <hack> <hack> like the <heuurrrgggghhhh> sort of ch <haaaacogh> annel that Bob Flemming would <raugh> <hurrrrrough> be on.


  6. Ashley Apps
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    Definitely f*ck The Country Channel

    The player is optimised for Internet Explorer - might work with Firefox if you install an Active X object!! Cookies need to be enabled to use the player!!

    What the the f*ck are these people on?

    If they want punters to view the site make sure it works with all browsers without having to install an Active X applet - and you do not need to have cookies enabled to view a video - get real guys...

  7. Mark C
    Paris Hilton


    Sadly that's how the real world works ..... they get it to work with IE and cookies on and 98% of "real" people don't notice it's fsck'd for the rest of us.

    There really is a very limted group of people in the union set of shotgun owners (fuck the ban and all that) and linux freaks ..... and I'm one

  8. James Condron


    But i'm more interested in who the fuck found it in the first place, bloody country channel?

    I'd hope it was from a throw-away account, through a proxy, from an internet cafe or somewhere away from home...

    <fan boy alert *snigger*> bet it was a mac user</..>

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Olde English Word

    To "fucke", is to enjoy something Circa 1400 AD

    Please enjoy the Country Channel..."

    Simple mistake to make.

  10. Matt V

    @ Mark C

    Limited group, but not alone!! Huzzah!!!

    (Where's the one of a penguin riding a horse?)

  11. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  12. Anonymous Coward

    The missing words were in white font?

    Fantastic - a bit of excitement on The Country Channel - Surely the writer meant "F*ck, what a great site The Country Channel is" <giggle> No doubt the Faux Par will attract more readers/viewers. can hope!

    More more more


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