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Qualcomm, the mobile phone technology firm, today announced a "significant" investment in ip.access, the Cambridge, UK-based femtocell specialist, on the same day the Femto Forum unveiled more members and an agreed standard process. ip.access already counts Cisco as an investor, but the arrival of Qualcomm marks a big step in …


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  1. john loader

    Not a complete answer

    Femtocells need a physical broadband connection to complete the loop. I have the problem of a totally 3g environment with no broadband by wire but where 250cm stone walls backed by aluminium faced plasterboard mean no 3G penetration depsite transmitter within a mile. So far the Huawei mobile broadband dongle hung out of the window on a USB repeater works for the PC but phones are a different matter as Sony Ericsson can't seem to grasp that their aerial sockets need the owner to buy a compatible plug or a hen's tooth whichever is easier to find. I don't want to have to sit outside to use the phone.

    Solutions need to be found to enable a truly wireless environment and not depend on there being wires to a nearby exchange.

    Am trialling a potential solution from mobdev.

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